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Why I Love Yin Yoga

“You need to experience this to really know what Yin Yoga is all about. After you have experienced it, even just once, you will realize that you have been doing only half of the asana practice.” ― Bernie Clark, YinSights In my eight years as a yoga

Becoming You: A Journey in Vulnerability

Have you ever caught yourself in a never-ending cycle of ‘I’m not enough -ness?’ In a world where pop culture and social media call the shots, it’s easy to get caught up in the Land of Comparison. We have films, music, and now even our ‘friends’ telling

Would you buy a $1000 football leather yoga mat?

Most yoga mats cost less than $100. Only a couple of very high-quality mats (like the Manduka Black Mat Pro) exceed that threshold. But now there’s an entirely new price point for yoga mats, thanks to a company named Baller Yoga. This brand is offering a $1,000

The Importance of Finding the Right Yoga Mat

I have to admit it: I’m a total yoga mat snob. While I love the convenience of being able to borrow a mat from a studio, I choose instead to bring my own whenever possible, for two reasons. First, I have found that having the right mat

How to Improve Your Balance With Yoga

Improving your balance is one of the most common concerns with newbies who begin practicing yoga. Often, newcomers struggle with balancing poses (think Tree Pose, Half Moon, Warrior III), and that is perfectly fine! Over time, your balance can and will improve as you gain experience. Having

How to Find the Right Yoga Studio for You

I’ll never forget my first yoga class. I was in university, and I refused to tell anyone except for my best friend that I was going because I thought it was weird and embarrassing. I was really nervous because I had no idea what to expect out

5 Tips for Yoga Newbies

Beginning a yoga practice can be scary. Not only is it a whole new set of physical exercises, but yoga is also a spiritual practice. You may find yourself wondering what to expect when you get to class, or what yoga etiquette looks like. We want the

4 Things That Surprised Me About Yoga Teacher Training

If you have a lot of experience with yoga, chances are you’ve at least contemplated the idea of starting yoga teacher training. Every teacher training process is different, so you can never be totally certain what to expect. When I went through teacher training, these are the