Which is the Best Yoga Strap?

best yoga strapsNote: This article is about yoga straps used for stretching and enhancing poses. If you’re looking for a yoga sling, the kind used to roll up your mat for carrying, see our list of the best yoga slings.

If you’ve been to the yoga studio lately, you may have noticed some folks in the room using a yoga strap to enhance and deepen their stretches. Beginners and others who need help with flexibility often use straps as an extension of the arm to help with twisting and stretching poses. Sometimes, yoga instructors will encourage those in class to use a strap for a particular pose.

The best yoga straps are durable, lightweight, and inexpensive. Many studios will allow you to borrow a strap for free during class, but if you prefer to bring your own new, clean strap, or if you want to practice at home, consider one of these options.

Choosing a Yoga Strap

Yoga straps can be made from cotton or nylon; can be a few feet long or several feet long; and can have various types of cinches, such as plastic or metal D-rings. Ultimately, picking a strap is a matter of finding one that fits your needs in terms of length and durability.

Very cheap yoga straps can be found for $5 or less, but those are typically poorly made and/or not durable. We suggest going with one of the familiar yoga brands when selecting your strap,

For hints on how to properly use a yoga strap, see the video below.

Finding the Best Yoga Strap for You

Manduka Cotton Yoga Strap

manduka cotton yoga strapThere’s that familiar name again – Manduka. This company is one of the most trusted yoga brands, so it’s no surprise their yoga strap is among the most popular straps around. Manduka’s strap is made from a thick cotton, has a buckle to keep it in place, and comes in 8- and 10-foot versions, so it’s more than long enough for any type of pose. While the main colors of this strap are blue and gray, it’s also available in pastel colors like Sage, Nirvana, and Earthen.

Gaiam Strap & Block Combo

gaiam strap block setHere’s a great deal for the money-conscious yogi. Gaiam has created a package featuring a 6-foot strap and a standard-size foam yoga block. You can get them both for about the same price you’d normally pay for a strap alone. Yoga blocks provide additional support for your body, so if you’re looking for some accessories for at-home yoga practice, this one is a highly recommended.

Hugger Mugger 10-Foot D-Ring or Cinch Strap

hugger mugger 10 foot cinchFor an extra-long yoga strap, consider Hugger Mugger’s 10-foot model. This strap comes with two available types of clasp – the metal D-Ring and the plastic cinch, so you can choose whichever design you like best. The Hugger Mugger strap is durable, stylish, and colorful.

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