The Best Yoga Straps for Stretching: A Detailed Guide to Yoga Bands

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best yoga bands for stretching

Note: This buying guide is about the best yoga straps or yoga belts used for stretching and enhancing poses. If you’re looking for a yoga sling, the kind used to roll up your mat for carrying, see our list of recommended slings and mat carriers.

If you’ve been to the yoga studio lately, you may have noticed some folks in the room using a yoga strap to enhance and deepen their stretches. Beginners and others who need help with flexibility often use straps as an extension of the arm to help with twisting and stretching poses. Sometimes, yoga instructors will encourage those in class to use a strap for a particular pose.

The best yoga straps are durable, lightweight, and inexpensive. Many studios will allow you to borrow a strap for free during class, but if you prefer to bring your own new, clean strap, or if you want to practice at home with a yoga belt, consider one of these options.

Yoga straps are also sometimes referred to as yoga belts or yoga bands, so we’ll use these terms interchangeably. Here’s our guide to the best yoga strap for stretching!

Choosing a Yoga Strap or Yoga Belt

Yoga straps can be made from cotton or nylon; can be a few feet long or several feet long; and can have various types of cinches, such as plastic or metal D-rings. Ultimately, picking a yoga belt is a matter of finding one that fits your needs in terms of length and durability.

Very cheap yoga straps can be found for $5 or less, but those are typically poorly made and/or not durable. We suggest going with one of the familiar yoga brands when selecting your yoga band. For hints on how to properly use a yoga strap, see the video below.

Finding the Best Yoga Strap for You: Buying Guide

Yoga Design Lab Extra Long Strap

yoga design lab strap

The Yoga Design Lab Extra Long Strap is thick, lengthy (8 feet long), and visually appealing. This product definitely has the best-looking straps, with patterned designs resembling floral, paisley, and kaleidoscope shapes. The colors are brilliant, so it’s an awesome strap to make an impression with in the studio.

Of course, functionality is more important than appearance, and this one ranks highly in that regard as well. The Bali-made cotton straps are soft, odorless, and eco-friendly. They have wide D-ring loops, and users report that they are quite durable. That makes them one of our top picks.

Manduka Align Yoga Strap

manduka align - length of yoga strap

There’s that familiar name again – Manduka. This company is one of the most trusted yoga brands, so it’s no surprise their Manduka Align Strap is among the most popular yoga bands around. Manduka’s strap is made from a thick cotton, has a buckle to keep it in place, and comes in 8- and 10-foot versions, so it’s more than long enough for any type of pose.

Currently, this belt is available in Midnight Blue and Thunder Gray. Manduka used to make several pastel colors of this strap as well, but for now they’re back to the basic colors. Manduka also makes some of the best yoga mats and starter kits for beginners.

OPTP: The Original Stretch Out Strap

optp - what size yoga strap

The OPTP Stretch Out Strap wasn’t designed specifically for yoga – it’s more of an all-purpose strap for all types of athletes. Yet it’s become one of the most popular and best yoga bands, because yogis can benefit from the strap as much as anyone. This belt is nylon, made in the USA, and measures up at a length of just over six feet.

With more than 3000 positive online reviews and a solid history of more than 20 years on the market, this one has one of the best track records of any strap you’ll find. It’s slightly more expensive than some of the others, but it’s worth it. Best of all, the Stretch Out Strap comes with an exercise booklet with instructions of photos of more than 30 different types of stretches.

Tumaz Yoga Strap Stretch Band

tumaz stretch strap belt

With 15 different designs and 3 different sizes, the Tumaz Yoga Strap Stretch Band offers more options than just about any other yoga belt out there. This 2.5mm thick polyester cotton strap has a welded D-ring buckle. It’s incredibly sturdy, with a maximum load of more than 2000 pounds(!)

The Tumaz strap is currently available in 12 solid colors, plus 3 multi-colored texture designs. We especially love the “Candy” design, which pairs aqua with a light pink/orange. Best of all is that this brand is extremely affordable, so you can pick up 2 or 3 different-colored bands without breaking your budget.

Hugger Mugger D-Ring or Cinch Strap

hugger mugger D-ring best stretching strap

The Hugger Mugger D-Ring Strap comes in three sizes and four colors. You can choose from a belt that is 6, 8, or 10 feet long. Color-wise, the options are purple, navy, white, and a multicolor strap.

The Hugger Mugger strap is durable, stylish, and colorful. Hugger Mugger has been making this reliable product for many years, so it has more of a reliable track record than some of the brand new brands on the market. This is made from very strong cotton material that can support up to 500 pounds.

Infinity Yoga Strap for Stretch

infinity yoga belt for stretch

Here’s a different take on the yoga strap. This Infinity Yoga Strap is in a figure-8 shape. It comes in four sizes ranging from 13 to 30 inches. That’s a lot shorter than some of the other brands. The shorter size can be a good thing, as it means the strap is stronger. You can really stretch and pull as hard as possible and these loops aren’t going anywhere.

This product comes in 8 bright colors to choose from, including neon green, pink, yellow, and orange. That gives you more color options than the competitors. The Infinity strap is great for improving flexibility, especially if you have a few extra pounds on your frame.

Gaiam Strap & Block Combo

gaiam strap block set

The Gaiam Strap & Block Combo is a great deal for the money-conscious yogi. Gaiam has created a package featuring a 6-foot yoga strap for stretching and a standard-size foam yoga block. You can get them both for about the same price you’d normally pay for a strap alone. Foam blocks provide additional support for your body, so if you’re looking for some accessories for at-home yoga practice, this one is a highly recommended.

Currently, this set only comes in a cool-looking Black color, but keep checking Amazon, because they’ve had blue, purple, and gray versions in the past.

Yoga Belt Buying Guide: Summary

What size / length yoga strap do I need?

The average person will be fine with a 6- or 8-foot length yoga strap. The 10-foot belt is really not necessary unless you are very tall (like 6’4″ or more). Sometimes having an extra-long size strap turns out to be a hassle, because you’ve got too much slack and too much extra strap getting in the way.

What sorts of materials are yoga straps made from?

Many are made from cotton. Others are made from nylon, hemp, or a stretchy rubber-ish material. Most of our recommendations are made from cotton, since it’s durable and strong, while still being lightweight.

What are the benefits of a yoga strap belt?

There are so many! A strap can add stability, help you balance, get deeper into postures, and maintain proper alignment. It helps you avoid slouching and poor posture. And it’s an easy way to add a simple level of resistance when you’re stretching and warming up.

best yoga bands and straps for stretching
Yoga straps are one of the best ways to deepen stretches.

How do you use a yoga strap for stretching?

Straps can help you achieve postures that you would be unable to reach otherwise. You can wrap a belt around your feet in positions such as Seated Forward Fold for a nice stretch in your back, and Extended Big Toe Pose to keep your back aligned. There’s one other cool use for a strap that has nothing to do with stretching: you can use it to cinch your mat, just like you’d use a sling.

How do you wash a yoga strap?

For most of these, you can simply hand wash with a mild detergent, then air dry them. You might be able to get away with popping a strap in the washing machine. But that could shorten its lifespan and cause it to fray more easily. So stick to hand washing whenever possible, unless you don’t mind buying a new strap every year or two (and they’re not very expensive, anyway.) Related: See our guide to washing and disinfecting yoga mats.

What other props might I want to increase my flexibility?

If you’re looking to deepen your stretches beyond just the strap, consider cork yoga blocks, as they can be especially helpful in deepening back bends. The yoga wheel is another underrated prop. Also, if you haven’t looked into aerial yoga, give it a try! We’ve got a guide to yoga hammock swings that you can hang from a tree or the rafters in your home.

This basic yoga strap buying guide should introduce you to some of the most common and popular options. But always look around to find a strap or belt that works for you, as there are more and more straps appearing on the market everyday. Take into account cost, materials, length, and durability when you’re comparing yoga bands.

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