Aerial Yoga Equipment: The Best Yoga Swings and Yoga Hammock For Home Use

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yoga aerial hammock antigravity silk reviews
You can do anti-gravity yoga in the studio or inside your own house with an aerial yoga hammock.

Ready to buy your very own aerial yoga hammock for use at home? You’ve come to the right place to read reviews about the best yoga swings and inversion tools currently on the market!

Aerial yoga, or anti-gravity yoga, is a relatively new form of yoga that involves a metal frame or rig on the ceiling supporting an aerial yoga hammock, or silk. Practitioners can use the hammock like a swing, gently bending forward or backwards, or engaging in more advanced yoga postures, much the way trapeze performers in the sky engage in acrobatic spinning maneuvers.

Some studios offer aerial yoga, but you can do aerial yoga at home if you’re motivated and have the right gear. The best yoga swings and aerial inversion tools are fairly easy to purchase and set up.

Where can you buy aerial yoga equipment? Yoga shops and sporting goods stores may have one or two swings available, but Amazon is the best place to find the biggest variety of options. Read on for our top recommendations for yoga swings and trapeze products!

best yoga swings anti gravity
This article will help you find the best aerial yoga swings for your home.

What Is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is said to help open the hips and relieve back pain or tightness. Of course, it can also serve simply as a way to provide some variety to your yoga practice and to help you expand your horizons by trying out some basic moves.

This introductory video from Maha Pura has some great examples of poses that can be performed with an anti-gravity yoga setup:

“Anti-gravity” is just a fancy way of saying aerial. It means that you’re doing yoga moves off the ground. The equipment goes by many different names – you’ll hear terms like hanging yoga, hanging ropes, anti gravity yoga hammocks, inversion tools, trapeze stands, gravity swing inversion tools, and pull up bars.

Generally, these terms are all referring to different pieces that work together as part of an aerial rig. Don’t be confused by the term “silk” – that’s just another word for an aerial yoga hammock, regardless of whether it’s really made from silk (most are not.)

Ready to try aerial yoga at home? Most people do aerial yoga in a large room or door frame. You could even do it in a garage or outdoors in the yard by hanging it from a tree branch. If you’re curious about giving anti-gravity yoga a try in your house, these are the some of the best yoga swings you should consider.

The Best Yoga Swing: UpCircleSeven Swing Inversion Tool

upcircleseven yoga hammock review
Try aerial yoga at home or in your yard.

Right now the king of the aerial yoga marketplace is the company known as UpCircleSeven. Their inversion swing has been around for more than four years, and it’s currently one of the best-selling items of its kind.

The parachute and rope material are sturdy, so they will give you plenty of support for poses like Banana Man once you find the right door frame or rafter to attach it to. In fact, its stated load capacity is 550 pounds, which is far more than anyone will need.

One great plus with the UpCircleSeven is that its handles are larger and have more padded foam than those from some other companies. This increases the comfort level and makes it a solid choice for newcomers. This one comes with two extension straps and a printed guide for people who may be getting into anti-gravity yoga for the first time.

The UpCircleSeven swing price is about average compared with other anti-gravity yoga swings available for sale. You don’t want to pinch pennies when it comes to a device like this that requires stability and quality construction!

By the way, UpCircleSeven also makes a killer yoga wheel if you want to explore one of the latest yoga props on the market.

Other Top-Rated Aerial Yoga Hammock Swings

Uplift Active Printed Hammock

best aerial hammock swing

Virtually all the hammocks on the market currently are one solid color, but here’s a stylish exception. If you’re looking for the best aerial yoga hammock in terms of visual appearance, we suggest the Uplift Active Printed Hammock.

The Uplift Active hammock comes in four swirly-colored designs, including Botanical Print, Galaxy, Blue Tie Dye, and Rainbow Tie Dye. The material is capable of holding up to 400 pounds, so it’s both stylish and durable. The fabric is soft and isn’t excessively stretchy, so you’ll feel secure when you’re wrapped up and performing aerial maneuvers. All Uplift Active products come with a 1-year warranty.

The cool thing about the Uplift Active swing is that it can be custom-ordered to the size of your choice. That’s great if you have high rafters in your house and need a longer length of silk. This hammock comes with carabiners and daisy chain handles, so it’s got everything you need. A set of online instructional videos is also included with purchase.

Wellsem Pilates Yoga Swing Aerial Yoga Hammock

at home aerial yoga - wellsem hammock silk trapeze

Wellsem’s 100% nylon hammock can hold up to 2000 pounds, far more than many of their competitors. That probably explains the Wellsem’s price tag, which is a bit higher than some others on this list. The silk is quite large at 5.5 yards by 3 yards. It has a fair amount of stretch, unlike some other hammocks which are more rigid and inflexible. This product comes with the daisy chains and carabiners you’ll need to hang it. This one doesn’t have the foam handles that some other trapeze hammocks have.

Color is never the most critical factor when it comes to purchasing a yoga hammock. But it doesn’t hurt to have some fashionable options. Wellsem has the widest range of color options for its swings. You can choose from 12 different shades, including a royal gold, bright yellow, lime green, cherry pink, and silver.

The Wellsem is well-made and matches the quality of the aerial hammocks you might find in a yoga studio. The only complaint buyers have is that the instructions aren’t the greatest. You may have to do some Google and YouTube research to get it properly set up. But that’s true of many brands of hammocks, to be fair.

AGPtEK Aerial Yoga Hammock Inversion Swing

agptek best yoga swings

Available in blue, black, and pink, AGPtEK’s anti-gravity inversion hammock is made from polyester taffeta and measures 98 by 59 inches (roughly 8 feet x 5 feet), making it smaller than the Wellsem. The load capacity is 300 kg (661 pounds), which is less than the Wellsem, but still a very strong load capacity. That’s plenty sturdy to support the weight of anybody who practices hanging yoga.

As of this writing, the cost for the AGPtEK is less than many other brands. So it’s a good choice for the budget-conscious, although it does not come with ceiling mounts. The hammock can be compacted into a small pouch, making it easy to travel with.

Good Budget Option: EverKing Yoga Swing

everking trapeze hammock

We’ve mentioned that budget shouldn’t be the most important consideration when it comes to aerial yoga equipment – safety and security are paramount. But some trapeze swings are cheaper than others, and the EverKing swing is noticeably more affordable than many other brands.

How does it compare in terms of quality? So far, so good. The product hasn’t been around long enough to determine whether the silk will be durable over many years, but users report that the material is quite sturdy and safe. The swing has three pairs of foam handles to provide support for various positions.

Made of parachute fabric, this swing holds the standard weight of 400 pounds. It comes with a hammock, two extension straps, four carabiners, and a portable storage bag. Another nice bonus? The EverKing comes in striking orange and yellow models, as opposed to the cliche blue, pink and purple colors that nearly every other brand uses.

Yoga4You Aerial Swing Set

yoga4you antigravity hammock

Another recent entry into the aerial yoga market is Yoga4You. The Yoga4You aerial swing set has already become one of the highest-rated products on Amazon. Why? Let’s count the reasons. Start with the most obvious – it comes in several vibrant colors.

The Yoga4You is made of comfortable parachute material, yet it’s durable and can support up to 600 pounds. It comes with soft foam handles, and the silk measures the standard 98 x 59 inches. This product comes with two travel bags – one for the aerial yoga hammock, and one for the support straps. It also comes with a handy ebook PDF with instructions for mounting, hanging, and performing various hanging yoga aerial poses.

Gravotonics Yoga Inversion Sling

gravotonics inversion swing

The final item on our list of the top yoga hammocks is the Gravotonics inversion sling. This swing is lightweight, strong, and comes with hanging instructions. It’s not necessarily superior to any of the others, but it gets the job done. Price-wise, it’s in the same general ballpark as the Wellsem.

If you are suffering from back problems, this one might be a good choice for you because of the DVD included with purchase. The video is not specifically related to the Gravotonics product. Instead, it provides basic information about how to treat back pain with aerial yoga. Those tips will definitely be useful for aerial yoga beginners.

Additional Recommended Aerial Yoga Equipment

Ikea Suspension Ceiling Hooks

ceiling hooks aerial yoga

If you choose to hang your inversion swing from the ceiling rather than over a rafter or doorway, you will want to look into ceiling hooks such as these hooks from Ikea. Very few hammock packages come with hooks included, so you must make the effort to buy them separately.

These ceiling hooks are made from steel and are super affordable. Just be sure to read all instructions that come with your aerial yoga equipment, because you want to make sure that is installed safely and securely.

Rigging Equipment Bundle

rigging equipment

When it comes to rigging equipment for home use, Amazon doesn’t have a ton of options. Instead, you’ll want to check out retailers that specialize in aerial yoga, such as Uplift Active.

The company makes a rigging equipment bundle that includes two screw-lock carabiners and two chain extender ropes. The ropes are height-adjustable and can extend to 3.5 feet long each.

If your aerial yoga silk doesn’t come with ropes or carabiners, this package is ideal. And it never hurts to have a backup set of gear on-hand just in case the originals need to be replaced.

Portable Aerial Rig

portable aerial rig

If your home just doesn’t have the space to allow you to rig up a hammock system from the ceiling or rafters, here’s the next best option. This Portable Aerial Rig from Uplift Active allows you to perform aerial yoga anywhere: parks, yoga festivals, a backyard, or any room in your home.

The A-frame rig can be set at any height between 5 and 11 feet. This system supports up to 265 pounds, but you’ll have to buy the hammock separately. It even comes with a carrying case for easy transport, though at 66 pounds, the rig is fairly heavy.

Note that Uplift Active cautions, “We do not recommend drops or doubles using this frame, and it is not intended to be used for swinging.” As always, hire a professional to set up your equipment if you do not possess the technical expertise to do so on your own. Here’s a video that demonstrates the setup process.

If this rig is out of your budget, check out our list of the best trapeze stands.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Aerial Yoga Hammocks

All of these yoga swings and hammocks look pretty similar. So how do you choose between them? Take into account these main differences:

Size of hammock. The most common size is 98 inches by 59 inches. Eight feet by five feet is generally enough to allow practitioners to perform all the usual aerial poses and exercises. Most hammocks come with extension straps in case you have high ceilings or want to hang it from a high tree branch. Some brands, such as Wellsem and Uplift Active, do produce much larger hammocks.

Weight capacity. These trapeze devices are designed to hold at least 200 pounds. The average hammock holds around 400-600 pounds. Some hold as much as 2000 pounds. Since it’s possible to have multiple people perform tandem poses together on the same swing, be sure to get a swing with sufficient load capacity.

Materials. Most inversion swings are made of parachute material, typically nylon or silk blends. There isn’t a huge amount of variance when it comes to materials, but a handful of brands may use different materials, so check the fine print of the hammock you’re considering.

hammock no foam handles
An example of yoga poses performed on an aerial yoga hammock without padded handles.

Handles vs no handles. Many yoga swings have three sets of padded foam handles dangling from each side of the silk. These hang at different heights so you can use the ones that are most convenient for whichever poses you want to try. Some hammocks do not have handles, which makes it more difficult to do inversion exercises. The no-handle hammocks are still fine for basic aerial yoga poses but might not allow you to have a full repertoire of aerial poses.

Color. This one obviously isn’t as important as the others, but if two hammocks are pretty much exactly the same except for the number of colors offered, it makes sense to go with the hue that most appeals to you.

Price. Of course, cost always plays a role. Aerial yoga isn’t cheap at the start, but once you have your equipment and your rig is setup, you’re pretty much set for months, if not years. A good initial investment will pay off in the long run. The cheapest yoga swings start in the $40 range. An average setup will cost more like $60-80, while some of the higher-end models can exceed $100. Don’t forget to factor in cost for the ceiling hooks, which are rarely included with the hammock package.

Instructions / Extras. Not all aerial yoga equipment comes with instructions for use. That’s not really a big deal, since you can find lots of tutorials on Youtube. Some products come with ebooks or dvds that provide lessons in installing the device or performing specific aerial poses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aerial Yoga at Home

What kind of poses can you do on an aerial swing?

Any kinds of inversion exercises are ideal on these swings. For instance, aerial yoga is a great way to learn handstands, since you can invert with no extra weight on your head or arms. The hammocks can also be used for many regular yoga postures, such as sun salutations, warrior pose, Superman pose, and pigeon pose. For a really cool experience, try inverted pigeon pose, where you’re literally hanging upside down!

We’ve got an entire article with photos and explanations of some of the best poses you can perform with hammocks.

anti gravity yoga inversion sling
Yogis practice with aerial yoga swings in the studio.

What are the benefits of yoga swings?

Swings and hammocks improve your core strength and flexibility. They also allow to get much deeper into certain poses (backbends!) than you possibly could without the yoga hammock. And they minimize the impact on your spine and back, since you can hang freely without being forced into the ground by gravity. Aerial yoga can relieve stress and improve mood once you settle into a routine that works for you.

What is a trapeze stand?

A trapeze stand is a freestanding frame that you can hang your aerial yoga apparatus from. Stands are mainly used by people who don’t have any beams or doorframes that are suitable for setting up their rig. Here’s an example of a trapeze stand. You can see that they’re not cheap, but some folks find them invaluable.

What do extension straps do?

You’ll notice that most hammocks come with extension straps. These are made of nylon webbing and allow you to easily adjust the height of the hanging straps in seconds. These extension straps often have foam handles for gripping.

How high off the ground should an aerial yoga hammock be?

This is a key question, as you don’t want to be banging your head on the ground during inversions! Basically, keep the hammock high enough to keep your head off the ground, and low enough that you can bend over in a forward fold position. If your hammock has adjustable handles or daisy chains, changing the height should be a simple task.

Can you wash an aerial yoga hammock?

Sure! Check the specific instructions for your hammock for any restrictions or guidelines. Generally speaking, aerial yoga hammocks can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. Remember to remove the carabiners and handles. Wash one hammock at a time on gentle cycle with cold water and liquid detergent. Air drying is best if possible. Do not iron!

Can you hang a yoga hammock outside?

Sure. A sturdy tree branch can serve the same purpose as an interior beam or rafter in a house. But not everybody has the luxury of having such trees on their property. Most silks and hammocks are weather-resistant, though you can expect the colors to begin fading after excessive sun exposure.

Can children perform aerial yoga?

Officially, there are no age limits when it comes to aerial yoga. Children are capable of performing aerial movements. Some parents have had success using yoga swings as a way to calm kids with ADHD and autism. But always check with your doctor for their recommendations regarding safety. Or, visit a yoga studio that offers aerial classes for kids (scroll down for some options.)

What should you wear during aerial yoga?

You can wear the same kind of clothing you wear for a normal yoga class. Comfortable clothing such as leggings and tank tops that aren’t baggy and won’t get stuck in a fold of the hammock – no gym shorts or hanging jewelry!

Safety Concerns With Aerial Yoga Hammocks

aerial yoga hammock
Get some aerial yoga equipment and you can improve your home practice!

It should go without saying that anyone who tackles aerial yoga needs to be aware of their safety. The last thing you need is to be hanging from a swing suspended from the ceiling performing inversion poses and suddenly fall on your noggin!

Most yoga swings come with a manual and safety instructions, so after purchasing be sure to read through it completely to learn how to hang an anti-gravity rig properly. You should have beams that are at least 4 x 4 thick. Additionally, be sure to purchase quality yoga equipment that is well-made, reliable, and has strong reviews.

All of the items listed here meet that criteria. We have avoided listing any shoddy, cheap products that are of questionable quality. To perform aerial yoga at hoe, you may have to spend a bit more for the good stuff, but your safety and peace of mind shouldn’t have a price tag!

What Studios in the USA and Canada Offer Aerial Yoga?

What if you want to try out aerial yoga before buying the rigging and hammocks to set up a yoga swing in your own home? A growing number of studios across North America and the world are offering yoga suspension classes and even aerial yoga teacher training.

This is a small sampling of the studios that currently offer some variation of hanging yoga trapeze practice in their studios.

The Flying Yogi, Toronto (aerial classes, teacher training)
Soul Spin Studio, Calgary (Intro + level 1 classes, teacher training)
Tantra Fitness, Vancouver area (classes: aerial arts, hoop and hammock, silks flow, aerial hoop lab, beginner + intermediate aerial hammock)
Fly Studios, Saskatoon (Silks, Lyra, Sling & Anti-Gravity® Yoga classes)

United States:
Om Factory, New York City (classes for all levels)
D&A Flying Yoga, Los Angeles (extensive variety of aerial classes)
Kinship Yoga, Los Angeles (classes: aerial yoga, aerial silks, aerial fitness)
Air Aerial Fitness, Chicago, Denver, and other locations nationwide (advanced aerial fitness classes)
•Defy Gravity Yoga, South Florida (aerial swing classes + teacher certifications)
In Balance Yoga, Blacksburg VA (drop-in and private aerial hammock classes)
Gotta Yoga Studio, North Carolina (adult, teen, and kids aerial classes using aerial yoga hammocks, inversion therapy)

Any of these studios would be a good place to experience the practice if you’re not yet ready for aerial yoga at home.

Yoga Swing Installation – How Do You Set Up Aerial Yoga Equipment?

Disclaimer: Those wishing to participate in aerial yoga should read and follow all safety instructions for setting up their equipment, or hire a professional rigger to set up the rig for you. Yogauthority is not responsible for injuries that may occur during or after setup of a home aerial yoga hammock.

We cannot provide step-by-step instructions for yoga swing installation for liability reasons, but your aerial yoga hammock will come with details on how to install it. For additional guidance, the Gravotonics website has a great guide for installing a hammock, whether indoors or outdoors, and with ceiling hooks or beams.

Other brands such as Seasofyoga, F. Life, Vertical Wise, and Yogatail also offer anti-gravity swings, so shop around for the aerial yoga hammock that best meets your needs in terms of durability, price, color, and comfort.

If anti-gravity yoga is too much for you, and you’re not interested in buying a trapeze or silks, check out our post on how to set up a basic yoga practice in your residence (that doesn’t require any aerial equipment!) You can even do 4 person yoga poses together as a group!

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