The Best Authentic Mexican Yoga Blankets – See Our Reviews!

authentic mexican yoga blankets

Can Mexican yoga blankets help your practice? Quite possibly! More folks have become interested in the concept of the yoga blanket in recent years, so it’s time to dive into the world of blankets and discover which ones might be most suitable for yogis.

Blankets can be used for many purposes in yoga, including support, cushioning, and warmth. Mexican yoga blankets come in various sizes and styles. If you’re interested in learning about how to incorporate them into your yoga practice, and which ones to buy, read on!

What Are Mexican Yoga Blankets?

Mexican yoga blankets are simple weaved blankets, usually handmade in Mexico, with a striped design typical of many Mexican garments. They are not manufactured specifically for yoga, but many yogis find they come in handy.

Yoga blankets can be used to cushion just about any body part during your practice. If you find that your wrists feel discomfort during Downward Dog, try placing a blanket down to rest your hands on. Use it to cushion your knees during any position.

Another obvious use for the blanket is warmth. This is especially handy during a cool-down at the conclusion of your practice, after you’ve been sweating. Cover yourself as you lie and meditate.

best mexican yoga blankets
The Benevolence LA Premium Blanket tops our list of the best Mexican yoga blankets.

The great thing about yoga blankets is that they can be used for any number of purposes away from the mat. Use it as a normal blanket while you’re getting cozy on the couch. Use it as a beach blanket or picnic blanket. Or lay it across the bottom of your bed to create an attractive bed throw.

If you’ve got dogs, beware that you may lose the blanket to them. Many dogs enjoy sleeping on these blankets, so your pooch may try to claim the blanket for their own if you leave it lying in the open!

Another benefit of Mexican yoga blankets is that they can also improve your mood. Now, that may sound silly to some people. But many folks – I admit I’m one of them – find small joys in having stylish-looking yoga mats and props. Seeing the sweet striped design of a nice blanket makes me smile.

What Types of Mexican Yoga Blankets Are Available?

While many folks want to look for cotton yoga blankets or wool yoga blankets, most of the blankets available for purchase are a blend of fabrics. For instance, a common blend is 50% acrylic, 40% polyester, and 10% cotton.

You can find many different styles of Mexican blanket, including falsa, serape, thunderbird, and saltillo. But these distinctions don’t matter that much for yoga purposes. Just seek out a blanket that is soft enough to be comfortable but thick enough to provide enough support during your practice.

Be aware that because they are handmade, Mexican blankets may have some imperfections in terms of weave and color consistency. These aren’t going to be as flawless as a machine-made garment. In addition, yoga blankets do tend to fray after a while, especially if you wash them frequently. Be gentle with them to increase their longevity!

The Best Mexican Yoga Blankets

Best Overall Mexican Yoga Blanket: Benevolence LA Premium Blanket

serape yoga blanket

Our favorite Mexican yoga blanket is the Benevolence LA Premium Blanket. It measures 80 x 50 inches, making it one of the largest blankets on the list. It’s quite thick, but also soft, constructed from hypoallergenic recycled synthetic material and 100% recycled fibers. The thickness makes it prefect for supporting your joints during challenging yoga positions.

This blanket is more of a serape rather than a falsa. Don’t get caught up in the types of Mexican blankets – they’re all pretty similar. A serape just has thicker stripes and and is viewed by many folks as being more fashionable. With its vibrant colors, this brand is very stylish. We love the Agua (turquoise) design, but the Sombra (gray) is also really cool.

The other reason we chose the Benevolence LA as the best blanket is because of the company’s commitment to giving back. Ten percent of the company’s profits go to organizations that fight global poverty, create clean water systems, and support marginalized young girls. You can feel good about supporting this brand.

Most Colorful Mexican Blanket: YogaAccessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket

yogaaccessories traditional mexican yoga blanket

This YogaAccessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket has a dozen different color options, so those seeking a colorful blanket should take a look. The blanket measures 74 by 52 inches, and it’s a blend of acrylic, polyester, and cotton. It’s a couple millimeters thick, like most blankets on the market, so don’t expect a luxurious, thick garment.



Each one has white and black stripes, mixed in with the stripes of a third color. Options include pink, purple, burgundy, teal green, dark blue, and red, plus more muted colors like light brown and gray. These are some of the more stylish and soft Mexican blankets on the market.

Another great thing about this blanket is that it comes from YogaAccessories, a reputable yoga product retailer. This company also makes some of our favorite wooden yoga blocks, bolster cushion pillows, and slings for carrying mats. Their stuff is pretty good quality.

Best Thick Yoga Blanket: YogaDirect Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket

thick yoga blankets

The YogaDirect Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket is another solid option from a respected company. If you’re searching for thick yoga blankets, this may be the one you’re after. It’s noticeably thicker than normal Mexican blankets, and weighs in at 3.3 pounds total.

This blanket is handmade in Mexico and measures 76 by 57 inches, making it slightly bigger than the YogaAccessories blanket. The extra thickness is great for additional comfort, support, and warmth, so it’s a win in every way.

The one drawback with the YogaDirect blanket is that, even though it’s thicker, it’s not quite as durable as some of the others. Users report that the stitching is more likely to fray after repeated use. That’s part of the deal when you purchase such an affordable product. So just expect that you may have to replace it sooner than some others on this list.

Top Falsa Blanket: Canyon Creek Authentic Mexican Falsa Blanket

mexican falsa blanket

The falsa blanket is a specific type of blanket with a rustic look and a construction that is almost like a knitted weave. This Canyon Creek Authentic Mexican Falsa Blanket is your top option if you want a falsa blanket that is suitable for yoga.

This product works great for yoga because it’s quite thick. It weighs in at 3.5 pounds, making it the heaviest item on our list. It measures the standard 76 x 53 inches. Note the ultra-low price on this one – it’s one of the top cheap yoga blankets on the market.

Canyon Creek offers several different colors, including a striking orange version. There’s also teal, purple, pink, burgundy, turquoise, and sea green.

Top Thunderbird Blanket: Open Road Goods Yoga Blanket

We love the appearance of this Open Road Goods Yoga Blanket. As we mentioned earlier, the Thunderbird blanket is a specific type of Mexican blanket. Unlike the other striped blankets, a Thunderbird blanket is primarily one color, with splotches of color in the thunderbird designs that are spaced across the garment.

Like the others, this blanket is handmade in Mexico from a blend of cotton, acrylic, and polyester. This one is thick and large, at 78 x 54 inches. It’s machine-washable, and you may find that it gets softer over time.

The Open Road Goods blanket comes in several colors, including a few that aren’t often seen in Mexican yoga blankets, such as yellow, olive green, and light purple.

Best Standard Yoga Blankets: Manduka Wool & Cotton Blankets

wool cotton yoga blankets

For the sake of completeness, we’re including one item on this list that isn’t a “Mexican” yoga blanket. You’ll notice that most of the items on this list are composed of blended fabrics. Finding wool yoga blankets and cotton yoga blankets is difficult, but Manduka makes one of each.

The Manduka Recycled Wool Blanket measures 60 x 82 inches. It’s composed of 75% recycled wool and 25% recycled synthetic fibers. The edges are locked to prevent fraying.

Meanwhile, the Manduka Peruvian Cotton Blanket measures 65 x 83 inches, making it bigger than any of our recommended blankets. It’s more than 52% recycled cotton, with some acrylic and polyester mixed in. It’s thick and durable, though perhaps not as easy to use in certain yoga poses as some of the more pliable Mexican blankets.

Manduka makes some of the best yoga products, from hot yoga mats to leggings to foam yoga blocks. They are literally the most trusted brand name in the yoga world, so you can buy with confidence.

Mexican Blankets FAQs

How can you wash Mexican yoga blankets?

Check the label on your specific product to be sure. But many blankets can be machine-washed with no problems. Wash them on cold with other colors. To preserve the garment, you may choose to air dry the blanket. But many of them can be tumble dried on low heat if you prefer. Clean judiciously, because excessive washing and drying can cause blankets to fray sooner than expected.

Which yoga poses can a blanket help with?

In many cases, you can use a yoga blanket the same way you’d use a bolster or pillow. For instance, you can place it under your backside in Lotus Pose for additional comfort if your hamstrings are tight. Child’s Pose is even more enriching when you’re resting your head and wrapping your arms around a blanket.

Place the blanket down before doing a headstand to make the position more comfortable. Place it beneath your backside in any seated position for additional support and padding. Use the blankets under your hips, knees, or back in any pose where you feel you need some extra support.

What is considered a “traditional” or “authentic” Mexican yoga blanket?

Obviously, Mexicans haven’t been performing yoga for thousands of years. So the terms “traditional” and “authentic” are meant more to signify the type of pattern and the design of the blanket, as well as where it’s manufactured.

When people think of Mexican blankets, they typically picture a wool-like garment with colored stripes and tasseled ends. If the blanket fits that description, and if it’s also manufactured in Mexico, then marketers will slap the terms authentic and traditional on it.

Is it true that some yoga blankets have an odd smell?

Some blankets made from mixed materials do have a slight odor when you receive them, primarily due to the polyester. This is typical of many new products, and it will go away after a couple uses.

Can I use a yoga blanket in place of a mat or towel?

You cannot use a blanket as a towel, since they’re not absorbent and will not wick up your sweat. In a pinch, you could use a blanket in place of a yoga mat, because it’s certainly big enough. It’s not ideal, because the fabric is not as smooth as a normal mat, and it’s likely to fray or stretch after having your limbs twisting and pushing and pulling on the fabric. But yes, it’s better than nothing. We have a whole list of yoga mat alternatives for those times when you don’t have a mat.

What resources are available for folks new to yoga?

If you’re new to yoga, check out our beginner’s guide. We also have guides for the best hand towels and straps for stretching, and a guide to complete yoga sets for people who are newcomers to practicing yoga.

For those spiritual types into meditation and inner peace, you’ll want to read up on how to keep your chakras aligned. Here’s a collection of some of the best yoga gifts for teachers! And see our list of inspirational and motivational yoga quotes. Good luck with your yoga journey!