Yoga Starter Kits: How to Find the Best Starter Set for You

best yoga starter kits

Good starter kits usually contain a yoga mat, towel, and strap at a minimum.


Yoga starter kits are packages that typically include all the essentials you need to get started. Are you curious about trying yoga but don’t want to invest a huge amount of money just yet? Are you short on cash and need something affordable to keep your practice going? In either case, we have suggestions!

Yoga starter sets typically come with a basic yoga mat, a foam yoga block, and a strap. The more deluxe kits will also include a towel and maybe even a carrying case.

Yoga starter sets: Price vs. quality

You can find some low-quality yoga starter sets on Amazon for very low prices, but we strongly urge you not to go cheap when purchasing your first yoga package.

Why? Well, when it comes to yoga products, you get what you pay for. Many cheap starter sets come with a flimsy, poorly-made yoga mat. Using such a mat will be uncomfortable and unsatisfying, and it could run the risk of turning you off yoga for good.

For that reason, we recommend going for at least mid-grade products when you’re starting out. You don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars for the most expensive items available – just find a nice midpoint with solid products made by reputable companies.

Clever Yoga Complete Beginner’s Kit

This kit from Clever Yoga is great because it much more than most starter sets. In addition to the yoga mat, blocks, and strap, it comes with a carrying case and a pair of yoga towels. A full seven-piece set!

As with most beginner sets, the blocks and mat are a bit thinner than the more expensive ones you might purchase individually. But when it comes to buying a full yoga kit, it’s hard to get more for bang for your buck than this.

Gaiam Beginner’s Yoga Starter Set With DVD

The golden rule about purchasing yoga products is this: When in doubt about the quality of an item, go with a familiar brand. Gaiam has long been one of the most influential names in yoga. They appear on our lists for everything from yoga mats to straps to blocks to instructional videos.

Check the price of the Gaiam set

This kit comes with a mat, block, and strap, and because they’re from Gaiam, they are going to be well-made. The set appears in purple, sky blue, and “lilly shadows,” which is a patterned purple and blue design. The best part is that it comes with a “beginner’s experience” instructional DVD to introduce poses and techniques to yoga newcomers.

Live Infinitely 6-Piece Complete Yoga Set

Here’s a six-piece set from Live Inifinitely that comes with a 6mm non-slip TPE yoga mat, two foam blocks, a yoga towel, a cotton strap, and a carrying case. That’s a lot of yoga gear for a great price!

Check the price of the Live Infinitely Set

Both the teal and gray sets really catch the eye. Experienced yogis who demand top of the line materials can definitely find better quality towels and blocks elsewhere. But for newbies who want something affordable and serviceable to get started, this is one of your cheapest options.

The best yoga starter kits reviews

As previously noted, we generally don’t recommend most of the ultra-cheap yoga starter kits on Amazon. Look at it this way: A high-quality yoga mat alone costs about $60, so if you’re getting a yoga mat, plus a block, ball, etc, for only $25, what sort of quality can you expect? Probably not very good.

That said, there are a few cheap starter sets that are acceptable for someone just beginning their yoga journey. Perhaps someone who isn’t ready to invest a ton of money, but wants to try out the practice to see if it meets their needs. Or someone just getting back into yoga after years away.

To aid you in that search, we’ve compiled what we believe are the best yoga starter sets for newbies to begin practicing yoga with. These are quality products that won’t bankrupt you and are likely to last a long time, so if you’re serious about committing to yoga practice, you will definitely get your money’s worth.

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