Does Yoga Tone Your Body? These Five Poses Can Help

yoga poses tone body

Does yoga tone your body? Sure it does! Yoga builds muscle and burns calories, helping you lose weight. Of course, yoga alone isn’t going to give you a six-pack and reduce your body fat to nothing. But it can be a valuable part of an exercise routine to tone up your torso.

Everyone wants to lose weight and get in shape. There are many different ways to reach this goal, but some methods are much more fun and rewarding. Yoga is our favorite way to lose weight, get in shape, and develop excellent health. If you’re trying to get into better shape, these five poses can help you to lose weight and gain muscle tone.

Chair Pose

Chair pose requires a great amount of focus and concentration. This pose is an amazing way to get toned and lose weight. Chair pose tones the thighs, core muscles, and buttocks.

How to perform this pose: Simply stand up straight, put your hands in front of you, raise your hands to the sky, and bend your knees. Make sure that your thighs are parallel to the floor. The best way to picture this pose is to imagine you are sitting on an invisible chair.

Interesting note: If you’ve got an aerial yoga hammock, you can perform the pose using the yoga swing! Chair Pose is on our list of the best aerial poses.

Plank Pose

This simple but extremely effective pose helps develop a toned body. Plank pose is used to tone and strengthen your back, thighs, buttocks, shoulders, and abs. This pose especially helps in toning your abs, and can be more effective than push ups.

How to perform this pose: Lie face down on the floor or on your yoga mat. Place your hands by your head and bend your toes. Then, push off using your feet and hands. Make sure that your legs, back, and arms are straight. Hold this pose for as long as you can, and then release back down to the ground. The best way to think about this pose is to imagine doing the beginning of a push up. Add in a yoga wheel for extra support.

Note that if you’ve got a few friends with you, you can perform plank pose for 3 people!

Downward Dog

Downward dog is a great pose that resembles the way our canine friends stretch after a nap. This pose tones and strengthens your arms and legs. In addition to toning and strengthening, downward dog also stretches your body and lengthens the spine.

How to perform this pose: Lie down on all fours on the ground or on your yoga mat. Tuck your toes and spread your fingers as you push off with the muscles in your legs and arms. Walk your legs back a little as you press your hands into the floor. Imagine that your body is in the shape of a V.

do yoga tone your body
Yoga does tone your body if you perform strength postures.

Warrior Pose

Warrior pose has numerous benefits and can fit into almost any yoga routine. The warrior pose tones and strengthens the buttocks, abs, and thighs. This pose also stretches the back, and it can help relieve different types of back pain.

How to perform this pose: Start out in mountain pose with your arms by your side and feet together. Next, extend one of your legs forward while keeping your other leg back. Then, gently lower your forward leg into a lunge position. Slowly face your right knee by twisting your torso. If needed, slightly turn the foot that is behind you to add more support to your pose. Finally, stretch your arms above your head and arch your back. Hold this pose for a few breaths and then release.

Tree Pose

Tree pose requires a great deal of concentration and focus to be able to hold this pose. This pose is an excellent way to develop better balance and learn how to focus your mind. Tree pose strengthens and tones the arms, thighs, and abs.

How to perform this pose: Start by standing straight up with your feet together and your hands by your side. Shift most of your weight on one leg. Then, raise the leg with the least amount of weight towards your knee of the opposite leg. Next, raise your foot up to the inside of your thigh. Finally, bring your hands above your head and hold. Try to focus on a specific spot in front of you to keep your balance.

Does Yoga Tone Your Body – Summary

Yes, regular yoga practice can tone your body. One of the best things about yoga is that it works the muscles in your entire body. Not just your arms, but also your legs, your booty, even your back muscles. adding yoga in with some aerobic exercise like biking or running is a perfect way to get in better shape.

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