Choosing the Best Non Slip Yoga Socks: A Buying Guide to Grip Socks

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best yoga socks non slip grippy socks
Yoga socks are especially comfortable for home practice.

Non slip yoga socks have increased in popularity in recent years. Most people still practice yoga barefoot, but some experienced yogis and newcomers have decided for various reasons that they’d rather practice in grippy socks. Socks provide an added layer of comfort and grip so you’re not slipping on your yoga mat during practice.

If you’re wondering wear to buy yoga socks with grip, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got an extensive guide to the best non-slip yoga socks on the market today. When you’re searching for grip socks, take caution – there are a ton of very cheaply-priced brands that produce extremely low quality socks. The smart move is to spend the extra five or ten bucks to get a well-made, comfortable product that will last.

Always do your own comparison shopping to determine the products that are most appropriate for you. Let’s get some grip!

Best Open Toe Socks for Yoga

ToeSox makes several different varieties of socks, including low-rise and over-the-ankle models. But it’s their open-toe socks that have become the standard by which all yoga socks are measured.

When it comes to price, ToeSox are not as affordable as regular socks – a pair can cost $15 or more. But that’s still way cheaper than the alternative of buying a full-length yoga mat. Going with toe socks to get a better grip on your mat is still the smart and frugal choice.

toesox sizing chart unisex men women

Toe socks for yoga are unisex items but they do come in several sizes. Consult the ToeSox size chart below to get the best fit for either gender.

ToeSox Half Toe Low Rise Grip Socks

toesox non slip yoga socks

These Half Toe Low Rise ToeSox cover the entire foot from just below the ankle to the middle of the toes. This design provides terrific traction while still giving the sensation that you’re doing yoga barefoot.

They’re made from 90% cotton and 8% spandex, which gives them enough stretchiness to fit your foot while remaining snug. (The remaining 2% of materials is the rubber sole.) Many users say the forced stretching out of the toes improves their balance and actually helps them hold poses longer.

ToeSox creates several new styles each season to meet consumer demand. Their half toe multi-pack includes multiple colors.

ToeSox Full Toe Ankle Socks

For those who don’t like the open-toe feel, ToeSox offers the Full-Toe Ankle Sock, one of the company’s most popular items. We really can’t come up with any cons for this particular model. They’ve been selling for more than 10 years now thanks to the breathable organic cotton construction and nice fit just above the ankle.

Like all of ToeSox’s products, the full toe ankle sock provides a fitted heel, designed so the socks won’t ever bunch up or get loose. The color options are numerous, ranging from simple Pink or White to creative designs like Fishnet Kiss, Nightshade, and Sunrise.

Best Non Slip Yoga Socks for Women

Great Soles Women’s Ombre Dyed Grip Socks

great soles grippy socks

Great Soles decided to target a specific niche with its yoga Great Soles Socks for Women sized 6 to 10. The company created a well-made, quality product for that group with its Ombre Dyed Grip Socks. Made from a cotton-polyester blend, these socks have earned huge praise for their comfort and the fact that they are sturdy but thin enough to not make your feet sweat too much during class.

And while color isn’t the most important quality in a sock, these are very attractive thanks to their hand-dipped eco-friendly dyes. Among the dozen color options are olive, berry blue, and Caribbean blue . The Great Soles are definitely the coolest-looking yoga socks around.

Muezna Women’s Grip Socks With Rubber Traction Nubs

muezna women's non slip socks

Muezna makes great grip socks for men and women. The Muezna Women’s Yoga Socks feature non slip traction with anti-skid bumps on the bottom. You won’t slide around at all with these socks! If your yoga mat doesn’t provide enough traction, these socks are your solution.

The Muezna socks are quite affordable, and just as stylish. They come in several different colors, including Gray, Pink, Burgundy, and Navy Blue. For an even better deal, buy one of their multi-packs so you’ll have a few pairs.

Top Yoga Socks for Men

Muezna Men’s Non Slip Yoga Socks

men's yoga socks grippy

Yoga socks must be comfortable, or they’re going to hurt your focus and hinder your practice. The Muezna Men’s Black Socks get big points for their comfort level. They fit nicely and provide excellent grip with the extensive presence of rubber nubs on the soles. Those are some super grippy socks!

These Muezna socks are designed for men and fit sizes 6-14. While many yoga socks claim to be “one size fits all,” these ones are more specifically fitted to your personal foot size. You can choose from size options 6-9, 9.5-11, or 12-14. Women could wear the smaller ones, but for the best fit stick to the socks appropriate for your gender. They are designed to stretch while still providing a snug fit.

StopSocks Mid-Calf Grip Socks

stopsocks men's yoga socks

Another contender on our list of the best yoga socks are the StopSocks Grip Socks. These socks are a good option if you want a mid-calf sock rather than ankle socks. They’re good for running and going to the gym, in addition to yoga.

StopSocks also meet the criteria of being affordable and having several color options. The gray and black and the red and black combinations looks especially cool and masculine. StopSocks does offer a few ankle socks versions as well.

Why Do People Wear Non Slip Grippy Socks, Anyway?

When it comes to trying to avoid sliding all over your yoga mat, the struggle is real. Some people look for “sticky” yoga mats. Others buy mat-length yoga towels to place on top of their mats for added grip. But having to keep a towel in place for an entire practice can be distracting.

That’s why yoga socks with grips have major appeal. They have non-slip textures on the soles that keep your feet planted in place without getting in the way. Though the grippy feel of yoga socks undoubtedly helps wearers hold poses more comfortably, that’s not the only reason folks might wear yoga socks.

Some yogis might wear them for more basic reasons, like wanting to be fashionable, avoiding the germs of yoga studios, or simply not enjoying being barefoot. Whatever the reasons, non slip yoga socks seem here to stay. They continue to grow in popularity as people incorporate them into their practice, both at the yoga studio and at home.

Obviously, these socks can be worn for pilates, barre, dance, and any number of other activities, but for the purposes of our reviews, we’re looking specifically at how they perform for yoga practice.

Some people are moving on from socks and wearing lightweight shoes during their yoga practice. See our new guide to the best shoes for yoga.

Grip Yoga Socks Reviews: Wrap-Up

Plenty of other companies make yoga socks as well, including some of our favorite brands, such as Gaiam. So you have a massive number of options – perhaps too many. Hopefully our guide has helped you narrow down your choices to the top handful.

Wearing yoga socks especially makes sense for folks who perform yoga at home. Socks can also come into handy to provide extra grip if you’re doing group acro yoga, such as 3 person yoga poses or 4 person yoga poses.

And remember to only wash your grippy socks in cold water so they do not shrink to the point of being unwearable. Good luck as you continue your yoga journey and good luck finding the best yoga socks for you!

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