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The great thing about yoga is that it’s an ever-evolving landscape where new products, techniques, and beliefs can emerge and take hold. One such innovation is the yoga wheel, a prop that is gaining traction among folks interested in changing up their yoga routines to try something new.

Which are the best yoga wheels, and how do you go about incorporating them into your practice? Read on for an introduction to this product. Note: Use of the term “best” is one writer’s opinion. Always do your own research to determine the best yoga wheels for your own practice.

What Are Yoga Wheels?

The yoga wheel is an item that has appeared more often lately on yoga websites and yoga Instagrams. This versatile piece of equipment typically measures around 12 inches in diameter and about five inches in width. Wheels can be made of PVC, synthetic plastic, or even cork.

How do you use yoga wheels, exactly? Essentially, they are props used to enhance any pose. Wheels can help greatly with backbends and inversions. Lie on the wheel to open up your shoulders or back. Use them to add a more challenging balance element to postures. Low lunges, pigeon poses, and many others can be given a new wrinkle with a wheel.

Yoga International has a nice explanation of how best to use a yoga wheel. Below you can find a video with additional instructional techniques.

Reviews of Some of the Best Yoga Wheels

The following are among the best yoga wheels available as of late 2017 and early 2018. These suggestions are merely one writer’s opinion, so as always, use your own judgment to find the one that fits your needs.

Dharma Yoga Wheel

Dharma Yoga founder Sri Dharma Mittra is generally credited with having invented the yoga wheel when in 1978, he saw a thick plastic tube in the window of an industrial factory. He imagined that such a device could be useful in yoga, if constructed from the right materials.

Today, his Dharma brand still ranks among the best yoga wheels. Dharma makes several different types of wheel. The “Basic Economical” is an affordable wheel that weighs roughly three pounds. It’s ideal for stretching, backbends, and the other poses described in the links above.

Important note: When you’re browsing Amazon looking for yoga wheels, most of the wheels have “Dharma” in the title. That does NOT mean that they are made by the Dharma Yoga brand. The yoga wheel is often generically referred to as a “Dharma yoga wheel,” in much the same way that people refer to all adhesive bandages as “Band-Aids.”

So other brands often call their wheels “Dharma wheels” even though they weren’t manufactured by the trusted Dharma brand. Here again is the Amazon link for the genuine Dharma yoga wheel.

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Review

The UpCircleSeven wheel does a nice job of walking the line between comfort and durability. It’s not too hard and rigid, thanks to its extra padding, but it’s strong enough to last. That’s really all you can ask from yoga wheels. If they are stable enough to provide the support you need during your poses, then they will do the job. This one claims to be able to hold up to 550 pounds, which is much higher than most other brands.

This wheel comes in various colors. Be sure to check the prices of each color – sometimes, due to supply and demand, different color wheels will have different prices, even though they are otherwise the exact same product.

BodyGood Cork Yoga Wheel

If you prefer a cork wheel to the ones made of PVC or synthetic plastic materials, try to BodyGood brand. This cork yoga wheel is the standard 13 x 5 size. The only difference is that it’s composed of cork, with a foam padding and plastic interior material.

In terms of price, the BodyGood wheel is a bit more affordable than some of the other yoga wheels currently on the market. And though some might wonder if cork is comfortable, it works just fine for stretching, rolling, and backbends. This would be a good wheel to try out at home if you’re seeking to expand your postures.

Reehut Yoga Wheel

The Reehut wheel is another good yoga wheel for working on your balance and releasing tension in the back and the shoulders. Reehut is an emerging name in the field of yoga gear – in just the past couple years, they’ve come out with solid yoga blocks, yoga straps, and towels.

The Reehut might be the most visually appealing wheel on the market, if that matters. The company currently offers three colors: black, purple, and pink, each of which has a light blue interior.

Image courtesy Dharma

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