The Best Foam Yoga Blocks: A Buying Guide

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foam yoga blocks blue Although cork yoga blocks and even wooden ones are available, most people who choose to work with yoga blocks probably start off with foam ones. Foam bricks tend to be soft and lightweight enough for comfortable use, but still strong and supportive (the good ones, at least.)

Foam yoga blocks are typically 9 x 6 x 4 inches, though some are only three inches thick. They are used to provide support during positions and allow for more extensive stretches. Most are brick-shaped, but a few, like the Manduka unBLOK, are contoured with rounded edges.

We’ve put together a guide to finding the best foam yoga blocks and picking the one that’s right for your own particular needs.

Choosing a Foam Yoga Block

Because each edge of a yoga block is a different length, you can use those dimensions to your advantage to support your poses. How can you decide which brick is best for you? The major differences in foam yoga blocks are price, color, brand name, and thickness.

There are also quality issues to consider. While you may be able to find a generic foam block for a few bucks, chances are it won’t be made of the strongest material and won’t hold up with repeated uses over time. When it comes to yoga gear, we always recommend spending a little more money upfront to buy a quality product that will save you money in the long run since it won’t have to be replaced.

See our guide below for details on specific blocks. If you’re unclear how foam yoga blocks can be used in your practice, check out the video below.

Finding the Best Foam Yoga Blocks for Your Needs

Gaiam Foam Yoga Block

gaiam foam brick

Gaiam is one of the most popular brands of yoga products. The Gaiam foam yoga blocks are reliable and affordable. Weighing 1.5 pounds, the Gaiam bricks are lightweight but stable. The blocks are well-made but cheap in terms of cost, so they will not put a hole in your bank account. Another cool bonus is that Gaiam’s blocks come in lots of different colors, like apple green, sky blue, brown, teal, grey, and a purple and white dragonfly design.

Manduka Recycled Foam unBLOK

manduka unblok

For environmentally-conscious yogis, Manduka’s unBLOK is a great foam block option. Made of more than 50% recycled foam, the unBLOK sells for slightly more than the Gaiam. The unBLOK comes in shades of black and blue, which are cleverly referred to as Indulge, Thunder, Breeze and Quest (great marketing!) It also has a unique shape – instead of being a solid rectangle, it has contoured edges on the top.

Clever Yoga Block & Strap Set

best foam blocks

Here’s a great little package: The Clever Yoga Block and Strap Set. For one low price, you get two foam blocks, as well as an 8-foot yoga strap for stretching. The blocks are lightweight but sturdy. They also look really sharp, as black is a rare color for foam blocks. With these blocks and the strap, you’ve got a ton of flexibility for enhancing and deepening your yoga poses.

ProSource Quality Yoga Blocks

prosource foam blocks

Among the best budget foam yoga blocks is this block from ProSource, which sells two-packs on Amazon for a very reasonable price. These are basic, no-frills blocks, but they hold plenty of weight and offer a satisfactory level of support. It’s a good deal if you can find it in stock, which isn’t always the case.

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