What Size of Yoga Mat Do I Need?

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size of yoga mat length dimensions

Everyone who starts yoga has to ask themselves the question: What size of yoga mat do I need? Fortunately, choosing a yoga mat size is pretty easy. There’s no reason to overthink this.

You have a lot of difficult considerations when it comes to choosing a yoga mat, such as brand, cost, materials, thickness, color, etc. But length and width are among the easiest decisions to make!

For many folks, the standard yoga mat size of 24 x 68 will be fine. But we’ll discuss the other possible yoga mat sizes, and the reasons why folks would consider buying a mat that has different dimensions. Read on!

The Standard Yoga Mat Size

Currently, the most common yoga mat dimensions are 24 inches wide, and 68 to 72 inches long. Of course, it’s not like there’s some yoga governing body that has passed down this mandate – the standard yoga mat size has caught on simply because it’s the size most people feel comfortable with.

A length of 68 inches translates to 5 feet, 8 inches. So that works for the majority of women and for many guys as well. Meanwhile, 72 inches is exactly six feet, so that’s a yoga mat length that works for most of the population.

While most women will fit onto a standard mat, the average male height is 69 inches, which falls right in the middle of the 68-72 range. Now, it’s not a huge deal if you get a mat that’s slightly short. Think of the way most beach towels, for instance, are less than 6 feet long, so your feet hang off the edge.

Still, some folks (me included!) prefer to have a few extra inches for the sake of comfort, so that they’re not squeezed onto a mat that is exactly as tall as they are. They prefer a yoga mat with wider or longer dimensions. So let’s look at the other common size options available.

Other Possible Yoga Mat Sizes

As noted, the most common variations on yoga mat length is extending the usual 68 inches to 71 or 72 inches. Just the addition of these few extra inches can help a lot in terms of comfort. Who wants to constantly be checking to make sure your head is still on the edge of the mat?

There is another size variation that is somewhat common, and that’s 24 x 84 inches. Two feet by seven feet. What’s the advantage of a seven-foot mat? Well, nearly everyone on earth can fit onto it! We hear from a lot of larger dudes who say they want a mat made for them rather than one made for petite women, so they often choose the 84-inch design.

What about width? How wide can a yoga mat be? While 24 inches is the standard, many mats these days are appearing in widths of 26 inches. You can also find mats that are 28 inches, and even some that are 36 inches – that’s three full feet. Companies like YogaAccessories actually make 36 x 84 inch mats – three feet by seven feet!

standard yoga mat size
A women practicing at home with a standard yoga mat size.

And get ready for this – now there are round yoga mats too! These are most appropriate for home use. Typically, folks will buy a round mat if they want more area to stretch out their lambs than a traditional rectangular mat can provide. Click here to read our complete guide to round yoga mats.

What Size of Yoga Mat Should You Choose?

When it comes to choosing the right size yoga mat, simply use your own physical dimensions to guide you. As someone who is 5’ 9”, I personally prefer a 24 x 72 mat. That gives me three extra inches to play with.

If maximum comfort is your goal, select a mat that is 1-3 inches taller than you are. If you’re six feet tall or more, you may want to think about trying an 84-inch mat.

Folks who are on the bigger side or have especially broad shoulders may want some extra width as well. It’s frustrating to start a new physical activity like yoga and then find that its gear wasn’t designed with you in mind! So consider a 28- or 36-inch wide mat in that case.

Consider also whether you’ll be practicing yoga at a studio or doing a home yoga routine. At home, you have the freedom to choose any size you like, whereas if you visit a small yoga studio, a massive mat may not be best.

While you probably won’t get kicked out for bringing a 36 x 84 mat to a studio, having such a large mat that requires an additional foot in each direction could be annoying to your fellow classmates. Then again, that’s only a concern if your class is completely full on a regular basis and floor space is at a premium.

Also keep in mind that longer and wider mats will be slightly more expensive as well, due to the extra material required. So budget is always a factor.

Dimensions of the Most Popular Yoga Mats

yoga mat dimensions

Here’s a list of some of the most popular mats in use today and their sizes. You can see that there’s not a ton of variation. Many are the standard yoga mat size, while others have slightly different dimensions.

Gaiam Print Yoga Mat: 24 x 68 (read our review)
Sivan Comfort Foam Mat: 24 x 71
Manduka PROlite: 24 x 71 (standard), 24 x 79 (long)
Manduka Black Mat Pro: 26 x 71 (standard), 26 x 85 (long) (read our review)
TOPLUS Yoga Mat: 26 x 72
Jade Harmony Pro
: 24 x 68, or 24 x 71, or 24 x 74 (read our review)
Hugger Mugger Sattva Jute: 24 x 68
Aurorae Synergy: 24 x 72 (read our review)
YogaDirect: 24 x 72 (standard), 36 x 84 (extra-long and extra-wide) (read our review)

NEED MORE ADVICE?: Read about many of these mats and find the best yoga mat for you with our detailed yoga mat comparison guide that ranks the top mats by thickness, cost, and materials!

Recommended Options for Each Yoga Mat Length

Best 24 x 68 mat: Jade Harmony Professional

The Jade Harmony has been a reliable choice for many years now. It comes in more colors than almost any brand, and more importantly, it’s made from eco-friendly materials, which give it a leg up over some of the more basic mats. It provides good grippy traction as well, so your hands won’t slide around during poses.

Best 26 x 72 mat: TOPLUS Yoga Mat

In a relatively short time, the TOPLUS mat has become one of the most popular available for purchase online. Its comfy 26 x 72 size gives it a few extra inches on some of its competitors. Yet, it remains affordable. The TOPLUS is made from non-toxic PVC and comes in several styles.

Best 26 x 85 mat: Manduka Black Mat Pro

Manduka is perhaps the most well-respected brand name in yoga mats. For almost two decades, their Black Mat has been the standard in terms of durability and reliability. This mat is heavy, and it’s expensive, but if you know you’re committed to yoga, why not make the investment for a top of the line mat?


Best 36 x 84 mat: YogaAccessories Extra-Long and Extra-Wide Mat

There aren’t a ton of brands making the 36 x 84 mat just yet. This YogaAccessories model is the best of the bunch. It has a nice thickness (a full quarter-inch), so it works well for bigger folks. It’s also more affordable than many other mats.


Those are your options! Sure, you could practice yoga without a mat, but that’s not recommended for beginners. Or anyone, really. And if you need extra cushioning for your knees, consider picking up some yoga knee pads. Also, see our list of the best yoga podcasts available for streaming.

Will you go with a standard yoga mat size or choose something a bit longer or wider?

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