Uplift Active Printed Inversion Swing Review

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uplift active review

Uplift Active’s Printed Hammock is one of the newer inversion swings on the market, and it’s earning great reviews. The swing is sturdy and well-made, and it comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes, giving aerial yoga enthusiasts more flexibility than many other brands.

If you’re performing aerial yoga poses, you need a strong piece of fabric to keep you secure, and this one does that. It’s one of the top swings on the market. Read on for our Uplift Active review!

Uplift Active Review: Overall Impressions

The Uplift Active inversion swing emerged over the past several months as a great option for those who perform aerial maneuvers at home, either by using the rafters in their house or by purchasing a trapeze stand.

uplift active review

The hammock portion (known as a silk) is made from silky material similar to what is used by Cirque du Soleil. It’s comfortable material, unlike some of the brands that user cheaper material. The price of the Uplift Active hammock is slightly more than some other brands, but not by a huge amount. We definitely recommend making the initial investment to get a product like this that will last a long time.

This hammock comes with two steel locking carabiners and two height-adjustable daisy chains. That’s great because it means you don’t have to buy those separately. If you have a wood beam ceiling, you can mount your swing on it using a Ceiling X-Mount Hook.

To sum up this review, we give the Uplift Active high marks. It’s in the same class as the Manduka Black Mat Pro and the Yogitoes Skidless towel among some of our favorite yoga products.


So Many Sizes and Colors!

The best thing about the Uplift Active product is that it’s totally customizable in terms of size. You can order a hammock ranging anywhere from 4.4 yards to 11 yards, with numerous size options in between. Few brands offer this many sizes! That means you can get a piece of fabric that is a perfect fit for the height of your ceiling or trapeze stand.

The other awesome factor with Uplift Active is the amazing variety of swirly color designs. Most brands of inversion swings are quite plain, but not these! You can get a purple and pink swirl design. Or a green and orange swirl. Or a blue tie dye design. Or this awesome rainbow tie dye hammock!

rainbow tie dye inversion

Uplift Active 1-Year Warranty

Here’s one of the selling points of this swing. It includes a 1-year warranty, so in the rare event of a defect, you can get a replacement hammock.

The Uplift Active site states, “Items can be returned within a year of purchase for a refund or replacement (shipping or handling costs may apply). Limit to one item warranty replacement per customer.” Note that discoloration or fading from sun exposure is not included in the warranty.

If you’re unsure how to setup or install the swing, the company has several online tutorial videos and a written explanation as well. Always hire a professional to ensure that your equipment is installed correctly.

Antigravity yoga is less taxing on the body than a traditional floor yoga practice, so swings are great for people with neck and back issues – as long as you buy one that is well-made and durable. The Uplift Active Printed Hammock fits that description, as it can support folks up to 400 pounds.

Besides the obvious health benefits, performing yoga poses on an inversion swing is just so much fun. The fabric is an awesome way to add some variety to your practice, and take your body into new positions than it’s used to, and give your muscles and joints a fresh workout. You’ll feel just like a circus performer when you spin around and successfully complete aerial maneuvers.

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