The Best Yoga Chair: How to Pick One + Top Reviews

There are many different types of Yoga, and this versatile exercise can help you to maintain strength and flexibility as you age.

Yoga can help you to loosen up if you’ve been feeling stiff, allowing you to improve flexibility, balance, and mobility or build strength. Maintaining balance and flexibility as you age can help to prevent falls.

Yoga has many other benefits; it can help you to improve your mental health and reduce stress and anxiety. You may find that you experience greater feelings of well-being and a calmer mind after practicing yoga.

Many people suffer from joint pain and conditions such as arthritis as they age.

Yoga can help to reduce pain and fatigue. Doing yoga while sitting in a yoga chair is excellent for seniors as it can help to minimize the risk of injury or falling.

What is a yoga chair?

Best Yoga Chair


A yoga chair is an excellent prop for those who are stiff, elderly, or in pain. Using a chair can help to support your legs and back. You can also use the back of the chair as support when practicing standing poses. A yoga chair can help you with balancing postures and can even help with forward bends as well. 

If your strength and balance aren’t great, but you still want to be able to practice yoga, the best thing to do would be to use a yoga chair. Many people use a chair that they have at home, but there are also some chairs that have been specifically designed for yoga on the market.

When using a chair for yoga, you should ensure that it’s sturdy and doesn’t wobble. It’s best not to use a chair that has wheels, as this will be unstable and could result in injury.

You should make sure that you are sitting comfortably before practicing seated yoga. Plant yourself firmly in the middle of the seat. Once you’ve mastered practicing seated yoga using a yoga chair, you may like to upgrade to an exercise ball. This will allow you to increase the difficulty a little and will help you to become more flexible and improve balance. 

Contrary to popular belief, yoga chairs aren’t just for seniors; they are a great tool to use if you’ve suffered from injury and want to heal and improve flexibility. 

The Best Yoga Chair for Seated Yoga

There are many different yoga chairs available on Amazon. These come in various different forms. Some yoga chairs are backless, while others are designed for seniors. There are different designs made for different yoga styles. Yoga chairs are also excellent for meditation.

If you’re looking for the best yoga chair for seated yoga, check out the products below.


Samadhaan Iyengar Backless Chair

Samadhaan Iyengar Chair Review

Samadhaan has created a backless yoga Chair that’s perfect for Iyengar yoga. It has a flat seat to rest upon while practicing yoga.

The seat helps you to align your body correctly. This yoga chair is strong and durable due to its connecting bars, which help to add strength. It’s hard-wearing and long-lasting.

This chair is suitable for beginners to advanced yogis and comes with a free yoga poster that tells you how to do seated poses. The poses include standing and sitting asanas, as well as forward and backward extensions. You’ll also learn how to do simple twists, inversions, and abdominal asanas by looking at the poster.

The Samadhaan chair is straightforward to store, and if you have more than one, the chairs can be stacked together. The chairs also fold and can be placed flat against a wall, making them portable and easy to store. This yoga chair is also easy to clean as it can be wiped down after practice.


  • Easy to use and store
    It comes with a free poster of yoga poses
  • Made with good quality tubular MS frame
  • Durable and long-lasting; can withstand wear and tear.
  • Made from a corrosion-free material 
  • It has a powder-coated finish for increased durability
    resistant to shocks and breakages.


  • No cushioning
  • Slides easily on floors
  • Price

Auxiliary Yoga Chair with Back Support

Top Yoga Chair

The Auxiliary yoga chair is made using high-quality materials, which make it durable and long-lasting.

It’s made from corrosion-free material and has an attractive powder-coating that makes it durable and helps strengthen the chair.

This yoga chair is excellent for all types of yoga and is perfect for beginners and those with some experience. It has a comfortable cushion made from cotton and linen fabric which is dirt and water-resistant.

The material is also breathable and non-slip, and the cushion is filled with a double-layer of sponge. It’s very easy to use and can be wiped down with a damp cloth after use if necessary.


  • Can be easily stored
  • Has hoofed feet, which means the area that’s in contact with the ground is increased
  • Safe to use and non-slip
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • It can smell if you sweat a lot

Junxia lyengar Yoga Chair

Top Yoga Chair Picks

The Junxia yoga chair is made from a very sturdy and durable material. It’s made from iron plating, making it very strong, while the seating has a soft cushion.

This yoga chair is luxurious as it’s covered in high-quality leather.

This backless yoga chair has been designed especially for yoga practitioners who want to deepen their yoga practice.

It’s suitable for various yoga types and will allow you to perform asanas which may be challenging to do without a chair. This chair is easy to use and can be folded up and stored when not in use.


  • Made from high-quality materials and leather covering
  • It folds up, so it is easy to store
  • Backless yoga chair
    Suitable for various types of yoga


  • Leather may crack over time

Yoga Chair with back-support and Meditation Block

This yoga and meditation chair is the best yoga chair for meditation or sitting positions. It’s very comfortable to use and great for prolonged Sitting.

The chair has a backrest that offers extra support, allowing you to practice meditation in a relaxed position.

This yoga chair is excellent for those that have back problems or are limited in their flexibility. It helps you to sit up straight while supporting your back.

You can comfortably use this chair while sitting cross-legged or with your legs out in front of you.


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • It can be used for yoga or meditation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Very comfortable and relaxing
  • Seat Size: 24 x 22 inch, 4 inches high


  • Jack of all trades, master of none 

Pune Yoga Chair

How to Pick a Good Yoga Chair

The Pune yoga chair is tan colored with a purple wrap around the back, helping your grip while practicing standing postures. The unique wrap is made from cotton.

This yoga chair is backless and folds up, making it very easy to store or even take to a yoga class.

The chair is very sturdy and durable as it is made from metal and has a solid construction.

It’s a popular choice for many yogis and is even used in many Iyengar studios throughout America.


  • Attractive design and colors
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Easy to store as it folds up
  • Great for all types of yoga


  • Grip can get sticky when out if left out in the sun


Yoga Chair Buying Guide

Yoga Chair Buyers Guide

To ensure that you choose a yoga seat that’s right for you, there are many things that you’ll need to consider.

As there are many different styles of yoga chairs on the market, you’ll need to find one that’s right for you. You may like to consider the following points before making your decision:

Type of yoga chair

There are many types of yoga chairs for seated yoga. If you’re just starting out with yoga, you may like to use a standard chair, such as a desk or kitchen chair.

A sturdy chair made from wood or metal chair is excellent for practicing yoga. However, you should bear in mind that these types of chairs aren’t actually designed for yoga.

You’ll need to determine whether or not the chair is safe. Instead of using just any old chair, you may like to choose one of the following types that have been designed especially for seated yoga:

Backless Yoga Chair

Backless yoga chairs are one of the most popular types of yoga chairs; however, they may not be great for seniors or those who require extra support for their back. As these chairs are backless, you’ll be able to use them for a variety of poses.

Backless yoga chairs are relatively inexpensive, which makes them a popular choice for beginners.

Backless yoga chairs are generally made from metal and may have a cushioned seat, making them comfortable for practicing various poses. They are foldable, making them easy to store, and can even be used as extra seating if you have lots of guests round and are short of a chair.

The downside of a backless chair is that it doesn’t offer support for your back (obviously).

Yoga Ball Chair

Yoga ball chairs are one of the best kinds of yoga chairs available. They may look a bit odd but are popular, fun to use, and will help you get into a variety of challenging yoga poses with ease.

Yoga ball chairs are best for those with some yoga experience and probably shouldn’t be sued by most seniors. They’re a great way to strengthen your core muscles and help you improve your posture.

Yoga ball chairs will strengthen your muscles as your body continually makes little adjustments to stay on its chair.

The movements are often so tiny that you won’t notice them, but your body will have to work to stay balanced on the ball. This means your muscles are always active and will be strengthened even if you are just sitting down.

Iyengar yoga chairs

As the name suggests, Iyengar yoga chairs have been designed especially for Iyengar yoga. These popular yoga chairs may look like the type of chair used in elementary school, but they are useful for yoga. I

yengar yoga chairs are backless and have many holes through which you can put your arms and legs to practice various poses.

There are many benefits of using an Iyengar yoga chair, the main one being that it will support your whole body. An Iyengar yoga chair can help ward off injury and is great for those with knee problems.

Inversion yoga bench

Inversion yoga benches look like a seat with a hole in the middle. They allow yogis to practice more advanced poses such as headstands and shoulder stands.

You can put your head through the hole on the seat and hold onto the legs. The chair will help to support your weight, and you’ll be putting less weight on your shoulders and neck.

Meditation chairs

Meditation chairs generally don’t have legs, making them very close to the ground. They allow you to sit in a cross-legged position for meditation while supporting your back. Meditation chairs are also great for doing seated yoga positions.  Here’s our beginners guide to meditation.


As you can see, there are many different types of yoga chairs, all with their own benefits. For senior citizens, a simple yoga chair with back support will be best. While chairs with balance balls are excellent for those, who have to sit for extended periods of time and want to strengthen their muscles while they work.

Iyengar yoga chairs are great for beginners and those who have been injured in the past. Although they look like school chairs, they are great for learning poses if you require a little support.

If you’re a yogi who wants to learn advanced poses, the Inversion bench may be the best yoga chair for you. They can also be used for inversion therapy, as they can help to reduce pain.