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The Best Yoga Slings: How to Choose a Yoga Mat Carrier

Once you’ve got your brand spanking new yoga mat, you’ll want try to get a sling to roll up the mat tightly and transport it to the studio and back. Slings are great because they’re affordable, lightweight, and functional. You just fasten the attachments and toss the

The Best Foam Yoga Blocks

Discover how to choose the best foam yoga blocks based on price, durability, and the overall health benefits.

The Best Cork Yoga Blocks

Here's a guide to the best cork yoga blocks currently on the market, from brands like Manduka and ProSource.

Choosing The Best Yoga Towel: Our Reviews of the Top Brands

Most everyone who practices yoga will need a towel. Yoga towels are used primarily for two purposes: To place on top of a yoga mat to improve grip and traction, and to wipe away sweat (especially in a hot yoga environment). Finding the best yoga towel can

Manduka Black Mat Pro Review

Overall Impressions of the Manduka Black Mat Pro Manduka is considered one of the most reputable names in yoga products, and the company’s Black Mat Pro consistently earns some of the highest reviews of any yoga mat – and with good reason. This mat is noteworthy for its