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Review: Hugger Mugger Batik Yoga Mat Bag

Overall Impressions of the Hugger Mugger Batik Mat Bag I admittedly bought the Hugger Mugger Batik yoga mat bag because I thought it was pretty, but it turned out to be functional and practical as well. Though it’s pricey, it’s very well made, with thick fabric and

The Best Yoga Bolsters: Comparing the Top Yoga Cushions

The best yoga bolsters can help relieve pain, lessen stiffness, and increase comfort during challenging yoga postures. Also sometimes referred to as yoga pillows or yoga cushions, bolsters can be invaluable to pregnant women, individuals with physical limitations, or just regular folks who are feeling sore or

The Best Cork Yoga Blocks

Cork yoga blocks aren’t for everyone, but for those who enjoy practicing with them, we’ve compiled a collection of the best cork yoga blocks available for purchase online. Yoga blocks, of course, are useful in helping to support the body in various poses, deepen stretches, reduce injury