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Choosing the Best Non Slip Yoga Socks: A Buying Guide

Non slip yoga socks have increased in popularity in recent years. Both experienced yogis and newcomers have decided for various reasons that they’d rather practice in socks instead of going barefoot. Socks provide an added layer of comfort and grip so you’re not slipping on your yoga

Choosing The Best Yoga Towel: Our Reviews of the Top Brands

Most everyone who practices yoga will need a towel. Yoga towels are used primarily for two purposes: To place on top of a yoga mat to improve grip and traction, and to wipe away sweat (especially in a hot yoga environment). Finding the best yoga towel can

Aurorae Synergy Review

Overall Impressions of the Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat I’ve been using an  towel-mat combo for the past nine months, and it’s one of my very favorite mats, especially for hot yoga. The key feature is the built-in microfiber towel, which provides grip and keeps you from having