New Yoga Instructors: Setting Up a Home Yoga Studio

There are any number of reasons why you as a yoga instructor may want to set up a home yoga studio. Perhaps leasing or purchasing a yoga space in your area is too expensive. Maybe working for an existing studio won’t give you the flexibility and freedom that you desire.

If you’re having trouble finding a place to perform your craft as a yogi, consider creating a home yoga studio to open up an independent practice.

home yoga studio

Open the windows and lay down the floors

The space you use as a yoga instructor will be important. Any room used for meditation needs to create the right vibe. If possible, choose a room that has good windows and lighting. For easy sunlight and wind circulation, create your yoga studio in an indoor-outdoor space that opens to a yard.

You can also build a shed space in the backyard with floor-to-ceiling windows. For the flooring, solid, smooth wood floors are the ticket for yoga. Hardwood, cherry wood, or bamboo floors will allow yoga mats to stick to the ground, while being easy to clean and wipe down after a long session.

Set up water delivery service

Regardless of whether you teach beginning yoga poses or a hot yoga class, you’ll want to have water bottles around. Clients need to hydrate themselves to stay focused and healthy. Order a water cooler or water bottle delivery service for your studio. Estimate each person needing a few bottles of water per session, then set up regular deliveries to replenish your stock.

Purchase the necessary equipment

People often prefer to bring their own yoga mats to the studio, but it’s still helpful for you to have some on hand. You probably also want yoga blocks, straps, bolsters and other gear that your visitors may find useful.

Optional touches: Water elements and candles

For a more zen feel to your home yoga studio, add a water element. You can find fountains of all sizes, from office desk to large garden size. Select a water feature that enhances your studio color scheme and is not too obtrusive. The sound of flowing water can help bring calm to your students.

Meditating to candlelight during a late-night session is another soothing form of yoga exercise. If you plan to have late-night classes, stock candles and secure holders to avoid any accidents.

Many yogis burn sage to clear out negative energy and usher in positive spirits. A decorative glass dish can hold your burning sage and ash without being an eyesore.

New yogis need a special place to uplift spirits and receive clean energy. One of the best places to provide a comfortable class inside of positive energy is in your own home. With constant spiritual cleansing and some set up, you can open a home yoga studio that will impart peace, light, and spiritual awakening.

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