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Pros: Sturdy, secure, lightweight. Folds away easily, and comes with a 10-year parts guarantee. If you're looking for an aerial yoga swing, this one is alright.
Cons: Mounts are not included, and the price is quite a bit higher than some other brands.

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UPDATE: We no longer recommend this yoga swing. For our current top inversion swing recommendations, check out our list of the best aerial yoga products currently on the market.

Overall Impressions of the Inversion Swing

The Yogabody inversion swing emerged over the past several months as a decent option in the yoga inversion swing field. It’s a good at-home aerial yoga setup, and it has earned decent reviews.

The hammock portion (known as a silk) is made in China from non-toxic parachute material. This company doesn’t offer a ton of different color options, but obviously safety and quality are bigger concerns than appearance. The price is higher than other lesser models, and we do not feel the extra cost is worth it considering the quality of the product.

To sum up this review, we give the anti-gravity swing mediocre marks. It’s not in the same class as the Manduka Black Mat Pro and the Yogitoes Skidless towel when it comes to overall awesome yoga products.

Sturdy, Portable Design

Aerial yoga is less taxing on the body than a traditional floor yoga practice, so swings are great for people with neck and back issues – as long as you buy one that is well-made and durable. This inversion tool fits that description. Even folks well over 200 pounds have safely engaged in aerial yoga with this swing.

Another advantage of this swing is that it takes up very little space. When you’re not using it, the tool folds up nicely so it can be kept out of sight. It’s lightweight, yet sturdy enough to do everything you need it to do.

Besides the obvious health benefits, performing yoga poses on an inversion swing is just so much fun. The aerial tool is an awesome way to add some variety to your practice, and take your body into new positions than it’s used to, and give your muscles and joints a fresh workout. You’ll feel just like a circus performer when you spin around and successfully complete aerial maneuvers.

The 10-Year Parts Guarantee

Here’s one of the selling points of this swing. It includes a 10-year parts guarantee, so if anything breaks, you can always get a replacement.

It’s not totally clear precisely how the guarantee works. The company is disturbingly vague on that issue, in fact. But it looks as though the buyer simply needs to contact the company. The company’s own website offers a 1-year guarantee for most products, so we assume this is an extension of that. Their Amazon listing states “we’ll replace anything (or the entire thing) if there are any mechanical problems.”

If you’re unsure how to setup or install the swing, the company has several online tutorial videos and a written explanation as well. You’ll probably want to purchase a door mount bar if you will be hanging the device in a doorway, or ceiling hooks if you want to hang it from the ceiling.