User rating
Pros: Good marks in all categories. Solid traction, very comfortable and lightweight material, and good moisture absorption.
Cons: The primary con would be lack of varying styles and colors.

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Overall Impressions of the Raja Royal Yoga Towel

raja yoga towelRaja Creationz is a brand-new yoga brand created by a San Francisco yoga teacher, and its first product is the Royal mat-length yoga towel. We tested out the Raja towel for a few weeks, and there’s a lot we like about it, starting with its traction and grip.

The other big plus is its terrific comfort level. The material is soft and lightweight, and it stays in place during practice. Having to constantly adjust a mat-length towel is something that can ruin a yoga practice, and fortunately that is not an issue with the Raja.

Considering Price and Durability

The towel comes with a money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk. Because Raja is a new brand, not enough time has elapsed to truly determine how durable the towel will be over the long term. However, based on our own testing, there’s currently no reason to doubt its durability. We used the towel several times and washed it afterwards, and we did not notice any fraying or weakening of the fabric.

The Raja Yoga Towel’s Regal Appearance

raja creationz royal towelThe Royal towel lives up to that name with deep gray fabric and letters spelled out in black and rich gold. The towel carries the name RAJA stitched into the fabric. Some users might have preferred a smaller logo rather than the name of the brand on the towel, but this is a matter of personal preference and not a deal-breaker.

We like the royal colors, but this color scheme is currently the only option. We’ll be sure to let you know if Raja releases any additional colors and styles in the future.

To summarize, the Raja Royal towel scores good reviews across the board, with especially high marks in terms of comfort and traction, which are perhaps the most important attributes of all. We can recommend the Raja Royal yoga towel.

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