User rating
Pros: One of the most comfortable mats we've tried, made from a thick, eco-friendly material.
Cons: No huge cons. The grip is about average and there is currently only one color available.

Overall impressions of the Mint Mind Yoga Mat

mint mind yoga mat review

“Thick” and “comfortable” are two of the words that immediately come to mind with the new Mint Mind yoga mat. Its thickness of one-quarter inch ties for the thickest of any of the mats we’ve reviewed.

With thinner mats, I sometimes find myself experiencing discomfort during certain postures where all of my weight is on one knee or on my elbows. But fortunately that does not happen with the Mint Mind. The thickness creates a soft, cushiony feeling that allows me to stay comfortable in all poses. If you have similar issues, or just want to keep your joints healthy over the long haul, this mat is a good option.

The eco-friendly mat is biodegradable and it’s made from TPE rather than PVC or latex. We have had no problems with odor issues.

Grip and durability

mint mind yoga matThe level of grip or traction on the top of the mat is about average. For the most part, you won’t slide around during your practice. The non-skid mat also has ridged contours on the bottom to keep it in place.

The Mint Mind is a new product and we’ve gotten to use it for a few weeks now. While we can’t declare with 100% certainty that the mat will be durable and long-lasting, based on its early performance and the solid material it’s made from we have no reason to doubt its durability. We’ll be happy to revisit our durability ranking based on how the mat performs over time.

Color, price, and other factors

At the moment, there is only one color available, but we don’t consider that a drawback because it’s a beautiful shade of purple. Price-wise, the Mint Mind falls in the mid-range, less than the Jade Harmony but more than the Aurorae Synergy.

In summary, we are very happy with the comfort level of the Mint Mind and believe that folks who are looking for a nice thick mat that capably cushions your joints and muscles should consider this product.