Review: Hugger Mugger Batik Yoga Mat Bag

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Overall Impressions of the Hugger Mugger Batik Mat Bag

hugger mugger batik yoga bag

I admittedly bought the Hugger Mugger Batik yoga mat bag because I thought it was pretty, but it turned out to be functional and practical as well. Though it’s pricey, it’s very well made, with thick fabric and a sturdy strap. The bag is comfortable to wear, and it easily has enough space to hold more than just a mat.

Some people dislike that the zipper does not go all the way to both ends, but it’s still easy to load and unload a mat and other items from the bag. Though it can’t be machine-washed, it can be spot-cleaned, and the pattern conceals smaller stains anyway.

The bag is made from 100% eco-friendly cotton, and as a bonus, Hugger Mugger donates a portion of its profits to a different cause each quarter.

Hugger Mugger is a reputable brand within the yoga world; they also make one of our recommended cork yoga blocks and one of our top yoga bolsters.


Batik Color & Fabric Options

The vibrant batik fabric is definitely the best and most interesting thing about this bag. Batik is a traditional technique of using wax and dye to create colorful designs on fabric. Though it originated in Java, batik is now produced in many countries, and these mat bags are handmade in India.

The colors and patterns on the bags are beautiful; they are vibrant and multi-color, and feature flowers and other designs. While there are a few patterns and color schemes to choose from, no two bags are identical. Color options include Water Garden, Tipsy Tangerine, Multi Purple, Earthy Daisy, and Forest Rain. All of these designs are really cool to look at!

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Benefits of a Bag over a Sling

I used a mat sling until I bought this bag, and now I’ll probably never go back. While slings are tiny and weigh almost nothing, yoga mat bags are much more practical. They keep your mat clean and dry in transit, and are great for protecting it while traveling. The loops on a sling can also slip around a lot, which makes carrying one annoying to walk with.

A yoga mat bag can also hold other items you need, and this one has plenty of space for a towel, yoga strap, or wallet. The two pockets add extra space and are great for organizing small things like keys, jewelry, driver’s license, or money. The wide shoulder strap on this bag is more comfortable than most slings, and it can be adjusted to your preferences, so it’s convenient for walking with or using on crowded public transportation. Or for long-distance travel if you’re headed to a yoga festival!

Overall Pros: Bag is made from beautiful fabric; outer and inner pockets keep you organized; shoulder strap adjusts for comfort

Overall Cons: Bag is pricey and not machine-washable

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