Relief for Back Pain: Chirp Wheel vs. Yoga Wheel

If like millions of Americans, you’re living with agonizing back pain; you may be wondering whether to invest in a chirp wheel or choose a yoga wheel. Back pain is caused by many things but is often down to lifestyle. If you work in an office, you’ll likely spend much of the day in front of a computer. This can cause you to experience back pain due to sitting for long hours or incorrect posture. 

Pinched nerves and tight muscles are also linked with back pain. One of the best things that can help back pain is to stretch your spine in the opposite direction. Physiotherapists and chiropractors often recommend that their patients use a chirp wheel or yoga wheel to stretch out their spine. 

Yoga Wheel or Chirp Wheel

Yoga wheels and chirp wheels can both help with healing and rehabilitation. They both help to improve the vertebrae’s mobility while reducing pain by relieving nerve pain and spasming muscles. Let’s look at the differences and similarities between the Chirp Wheel vs. yoga wheel. 

Chirp wheel Vs. Yoga wheel

Chirp wheels and yoga wheels are very similar. They both allow you to roll and stretch your spine. In fact, the Chirp wheel is a type of yoga wheel that has a couple of features that make it slightly different from the standard yoga wheel. 

What is a Chirp wheel?

Chirp Wheel vs Yoga Wheel

Chirp wheels are better for rehabilitation than standard yoga wheels. They are also an excellent stretching tool and offer a four-way stretch. Chirp wheel has been designed especially for those that have been injured or suffered from chronic, long-term back pain. The wheels use patented spinal canal technology to help you stretch. There’s also less discomfort when using the wheel as there’s a grove in the middle of the wheel for your spine. This helps to stop your spine from pressing painfully against the wheel while you roll. 

What is a yoga wheel?

Yoga wheels and chirp wheels are similar

The yoga wheel looks similar to the Chirp wheel. It’s a pipe-like structure that you can use to roll and stretch your spine. The yoga wheel doesn’t have a groove in the middle for your spine. Yoga wheels are most beneficial for people with mild back pain. Many people find them effective, and they can help to strengthen the back and maintain posture. Yoga wheels are readily available and very affordable.

Yoga Wheel/Chirp Wheel Differences

Chirp Wheel Benefits

The Chirp Wheel has been hailed as a superior type of yoga wheel and has also gained endorsement from professional chiropractor networks and physical therapists. 


The Chirp wheel provides a deeper stretch than if you were to use a yoga wheel. It also has more padding than most yoga wheels, which means it will put less pressure on your spine. 

Chirp wheels have 20mm padding on the outside of the wheel. This makes it safer and more comfortable to use. In comparison, standard yoga wheels have between five and ten milometers of padding.

The groove

Generally, yoga wheels are a cheaper option, and for many, they are very effective. The yoga wheel doesn’t have a groove down the middle to support the spine, but many people with mild to moderate back pain find it very effective and a more affordable option. 

The Chirps wheel’s groove also provides users with a four-way stretch, compared to the yoga wheel, which only offers a 2-way stretch. 


Chirp wheel and yoga wheels come in various sizes. However, you’ll find that there are more choice options when it comes to the chirp wheel. The Chirp Wheel is available in three different sizes; 6 inch, 10″, and 12″ wheels. You also have the option of buying all three sizes. It’s hard to find a 12″ yoga wheel, which is one of the dimensions of chirp wheels that are readily available. 


The Chirp Wheel is able to hold more weight than the standard yoga wheel. Chirp wheels have undergone stress tests, which show they have a rigid core. This makes them safe to use as they can hold loads up to 500lbs.


Whether you go with a chirp wheel vs. yoga wheel will depend on the severity of your back pain. Yoga wheels are adequate for many people that have mild back pain or occasional pain. They can help relieve tension and stretch the spine. 

However, Chirp wheels offer better performance and a deeper 4-way stretch. They are recommended by physiotherapists and can help to accelerate your treatment time.   If you’re new to yoga, here’s our comparison of the best yoga wheels.  You may also be interested in foam yoga blocks, or a good quality yoga mat.