Would You Buy a $1000 Football Leather Yoga Mat?

1000 dollar leather yoga mat baller

Most yoga mats cost less than $100. Only a couple of very high-quality mats (like the Manduka Black Mat Pro) exceed that threshold.

But now there’s an entirely new price point for yoga mats, thanks to a company named Baller Yoga. This brand is offering a $1,000 leather yoga mat. It may sound crazy, but it’s real, as the Baller website indicates.

This company is marketing its yoga mats to men – specifically, professional football players. Talk about a niche demographic!

About the $1000 football leather yoga mat

baller yoga leather mat Baller proclaims, “BallerYoga mats begin with the same Horween Tanned-In-Tack football leather used by professional ballers and finish with a contract manufacturer specializing in high-end leather goods.” The mats are made in the USA and they are attempting to sell buyers on the mat’s strong materials, its quality construction, and even its new leather smell.

This is a wacky product, no doubt. But could it be just crazy enough to work? Leather footballs are sold for less than $50, so a yoga mat couldn’t cost too much to manufacture. That means Baller’s profit margin for each mat sold could be enormous. At that price, it won’t take many mat sales to keep the company afloat. This could wind up being a shrewd business decision after all.

It should be noted that only the largest mat costs $1000. That one runs 80 inches by 26 inches. There are smaller versions available, such as a 69 x 24 model that costs $495.

How does the Baller mat hold up in terms of its moisture absorption and durability? Will your hands slip while in downward dog? Who knows! We’re not going to take the plunge by purchasing one. We’ll wait for some other brave souls to offer up some reviews.

Check out Baller’s website if you’re curious about what a $1000 leather yoga mat looks like. And if you’d rather find a more traditional mat in the $30-100 range, check out our yoga mat comparison chart.

Spending such a huge amount to buy a leather yoga mat may sound crazy, but then again, people spend hundreds of dollars on trapeze stands, so it’s not out of the question. If you’re an athlete or muscular dude wondering whether yoga has any benefits for men, it certainly does!

Images via balleryoga.com

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