How to Create a Basic Home Yoga Routine

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Find a comfortable space for your at home yoga routine.

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With gyms and yoga studios closing, now’s as good a time as any to create a home yoga routine. How do you go about making a space in your house where you feel comfortable and relaxed enough to perform a daily yoga routine?

The main steps are ensuring you have the proper equipment and apparel; setting up the physical space; and creating the actual routine of poses, which can be done by following a guide or creating your own flow.

The great news is that once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to do yoga at home anytime you want, even when the studios open again. Let’s dive in to the basic steps to begin establishing an at-home yoga routine.

What You Need to Create an At Home Yoga Routine

Let’s start with the basic necessities. Of course, you’ll want comfortable clothes. You could workout in your underwear or even totally naked. If that’s what makes you feel comfortable, go for it! But most folks will want to dress appropriately.

Your shirt can be a breathable tshirt or tank top. Most ladies prefer yoga pants or tights. We recommend that guys also get a pair of men’s leggings, as they’re super comfortable and won’t get in the way like loose gym shorts might.

Next, you’ll want a good yoga mat and whatever props you prefer, such as bolsters and foam blocks. Mats, of course, are a matter of taste. But if you’ve got hardwood floors, it might make sense to grab a thicker mat like the Manduka Black Mat Pro (read our review here; see on Amazon here.)

Setting Up the Physical Space

This part is pretty easy. Just find the room where you’ve got enough space to stretch out, without distraction. If the living room works for you, great. you live with a lot of other people, this may mean using a spare room, or even a basement or attic where you can seclude yourself.

Rooms with windows and natural light always help create an environment conducive to yoga. And you’ll need a tv, or at least a table or chair to set your laptop on if you plan on following an online video.

Really, you just need a space where you have room to lay out your mat and to stand and extend your limbs in all directions. A space at least 7 feet by 7 feet wide is best. You may want to light candles or release scents if those elements help you get into the proper mindset.

Creating Your Home Yoga Routine

This next part is where there’s going to be a lot of variation. Experienced yogis are familiar enough with poses and routines to come up with their own flow. When I visit my neighbor’s house for at home yoga sessions, she calls out poses off the top of her head and her friends follow along.

For beginners, that’s probably not the best option. You’ll want to look for a guide on a website or video. We’re not going to prescribe a specific routine, because there really is no one-size-fits-all home yoga routine for everybody.

Some yogis are more concerned with working out specific parts of the body, while others want to focus primarily on breathing, while still others value the spiritual vibes and the restful headspace that a yoga routine can provide. Look around to find the routine that meets your needs.

Here are a few of our favorite home yoga routines:


Adriene has a great 20-minute at-home workout for beginners, which we’ve embedded below. (If 20 minutes isn’t enough, check her YouTube channel – she also has a 40-minute routine for beginners.)


This one by Greatist is designed for busy folks who just want a quick yoga workout in the morning. In only 15 minutes, you can get your juices flowing, loosens up those muscles, and melt away the stress.


PsycheTruth has a nice 30-minute video that focuses specifically on breathing, meditation, and stress reduction. We could all use a little stress reduction right about now, right?


Chances are you’ve still got a DVD player around the house, or maybe even a DVD/CD drive in your computer. Check out our guide to the best yoga videos and DVDs, and maybe you’ll find one that you like.

Just Get Started! (And Invite Your Kids!)

Having to do yoga at home isn’t necessarily ideal, but you can make it comfortable and worthwhile if you put in the time to create the right environment. It’s even possible to use yoga mat alternatives to practice without a mat.

Don’t let the closing of your studio be a reason why you stop practicing!

And if you have kids, this might be the perfect time to get them to join you! It’s pretty easy to set up a kids’ yoga practice at home. Here’s the yoga gear for kids you should have to get started. Here’s how to teach yoga to children. And if you’re really motivated, you can even practice yoga with your dogs!

Finally, it’s totally possible to perform aerial yoga at home too. Get yourself a trapeze stand and a nice hammock swing, and you’re all set!

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