How Many Yoga Blocks Do I Need? (Beginners-Experts)

Yoga blocks are very useful, especially for those who are new to yoga or are feeling stiff. If you’re a beginner, you may be wondering how many you need. Most people find that two blocks are enough, and these props are generally sold in packs of two.

You may find that you don’t need any blocks for some positions, and on the odd occasion, you may need more. Most yoga classes have a supply of yoga blocks that you can use, so investing in two blocks is usually enough as you can always borrow an extra block if you need to.

Let’s look at how many blocks you are likely to need and what they are commonly used for.

Short Answer:  Most people will be fine with 2 yoga blocks

Why Do I Need Yoga Blocks?

How Many Yoga Blocks Do I Need

When attempting a new posture that you’ve never done before, you may need some yoga blocks, especially if you have limited mobility. They can also help very flexible, experienced yogis get into advanced or complex positions. They help to advance the yoga practice and are handy props.

Yoga blocks can help you touch the floor when practicing triangle pose or standing forward fold. You can sit on your yoga block for cow pose or when meditating and can use two blocks for downward dog.

It’s worth noting that not everyone requires blocks to practice yoga. It depends on your flexibility and what style of yoga you’re practicing as to whether or not they would be beneficial. You may find that it’s easier to do certain postures if you have one or two of them.

Most people find that blocks are helpful at some point in their yoga journey. They are very versatile and allow you to improve your balance and flexibility. If you’re having problems bending, balancing, or maintaining a pose for long enough, they will help. They can help you to prepare your muscles for more advanced postures. You may even find that you’re able to move onto more advanced poses or practice without yoga blocks sooner than you were expecting.

How Many Yoga Blocks do I Need?

How Many Yoga Blocks Should I use?

Most people find that they need two yoga blocks, but it will depend on what type of yoga you’re practicing and the pose you plan to perform. It’s a good idea to invest in two of them when you first start yoga; if you find you need more, you can always make your own blocks or improvise by using a book. For a softer option, try rolling up a towel or blanket and using it instead of a block.

Yoga blocks are generally long-lasting, so once you purchase them, you won’t have to replace them anytime soon. Some people like to experiment with blocks that are of different sizes or made from different materials. If this is the case, you may want to buy two or more sets of yoga blocks. Alternatively, you can ask your yoga teacher for advice about which size of blocks would be best for you. Yoga studios will have some that you can try out to see which material you find most comfortable before buying your own.

What are yoga blocks made from?

What are Yoga Blocks Made From

The most popular and cheapest yoga blocks are manufactured using EVA foam. Others are made from recycled foam, which is sturdy and long-lasting. Eva foam and recycled foams are great as they are very easy to keep clean.

You’ll also find many other alternatives such as bamboo, wood, or cork. These are designed for yogis who want to be more environmentally friendly. However, it’s worth noting that cork blocks aren’t as long-lasting as foam products. They can start to crumble as they age, and as they have a porous texture can absorb sweat. Cork blocks are also harder to keep clean.


Most people find that two yoga blocks are enough to get started.

If you’re fairly flexible, you may be able to do most poses without blocks, but it depends on the style of yoga you practice and the poses you want to do. They come in various sizes and are made from different materials such as cork or foam. They are long-lasting, and a set of two blocks will last for years, if not decades.