Gaiam Print Yoga Mat Review

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Overall Impressions of the Gaiam Print Yoga Mat

If you’re the type of person who wants to show off a little bit of individual style while at the yoga studio, the Gaiam Print Yoga Mat may be ideal for you.

Gaiam was founded in Colorado in 1988 and produces everything from yoga mats to exercise videos to women’s workout clothing. It’s a reliable and reputable brand that also makes a killer DVD video for yoga beginners.

In addition to looking cool, the Gaiam mats are praised by yoga practitioners for their stickiness and for being lightweight and easy to transport.

Gaiam yoga mat unique colors and designs

Gaiam print yoga mat review

The Gaiam line of mats not only comes in a wide array of colors, they also have various relaxing prints on the front. Popular designs include a paisley flower, a peace symbol, the tree of wisdom, and a zen garden.

Because of these cool designs, from an appearance standpoint, the Gaiam mats are second to none. The attractive beige model at the top of this post is called ‘Damask.’ Among the models shown at left are Watercress, Tree of Wisdom, and Pink Ribbon II.

The only tough thing about buying a Gaiam yoga mat is choosing a favorite. Personally, I prefer the yellow paisley flower, the brown coral blossom, and the deep blue neo-baroque mats.

The designs can even help in terms of your mental state. It can be comforting and help you find the right mental space to look down and see your chosen print while working out.

So it looks great – how does it function?

The Gaiam Print Yoga Mat is 6 millimeters thick, which is more than most mats on the markets. It’s slightly heavier than others, but it gets great marks for comfort. (Gaiam does make thinner mats for folks who want a lighter mat.)

There’s an initial strong smell upon opening the package, but that wears off within a couple of days. While some yogis report these mats can begin to bunch up or rip apart after several months of use, others say their Gaiam yoga mats have lasted for a very long time and are still in great shape after hundreds of sessions.

In terms of price, Gaiam’s print yoga mats are typically a good value overall. Even if the mat doesn’t last five years, at this price, you can afford it to replace it when necessary.

Pros: Extremely attractive and comforting designs and prints. Thick and comfortable. Affordable price.
Cons: Traction and grip are just average.

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