Freestanding Aerial Rigs for Yoga

Most yogis can get away with performing aerial yoga indoors. But, there may be a situation where there is just no room inside to properly hang your yoga hammock. If that’s the case, a freestanding aerial rig can be used to hang your hammock. These aerial rigs are often referred to as trapeze stands.

Here are some of the best freestanding aerial rigs on the market:

Our Favorite: Portable Aerial Rig from Uplift Active

portable aerial rig

If your home just doesn’t have the space to allow you to rig up a hammock system from the ceiling or rafters, freestanding aerial rigs are for you, and here’s the best option. This Portable Aerial Rig from Uplift Active allows you to perform aerial yoga anywhere: parks, yoga festivals, a backyard, or any room in your home.

The A-frame rig can be set at any height between 5 and 11 feet. This system supports up to 265 pounds, but you’ll have to buy the hammock separately. It even comes with a carrying case for easy transport, though at 66 pounds, the rig is fairly heavy.

Note that Uplift Active cautions, “We do not recommend drops or doubles using this frame, and it is not intended to be used for swinging.” As always, hire a professional to set up your equipment if you do not possess the technical expertise to do so on your own.

Solid Value Option: KT Aerial Freestanding Yoga Stand

kt indoor yoga trapeze stand

The Khanh Trinh Aerial Trapeze Stand has the advantage of being quite portable, while still being a full freestanding aerial rig. Some yoga stands require extensive assembly every time you want to put them up or take them down, which means they’re not very portable. This one, however, folds down for easy storage once you’ve completed the initial assembly. That means you can pack it up in the minivan and take it to the beach or the park if you want to get out of the house.

The KT stand is compact, which means that it will fit in a small apartment if necessary. But it’s big enough that people of all sizes can use it. The horizontal bar height can be placed anywhere from 72 inches (6 feet) to 92 inches (7.5 feet) off the ground. The stand is recommended for individuals up to 6 feet tall and 200 pounds (although it’s designed to hold up to 440 pounds.)

Khanh Trinh currently manufactures four different models of indoor-outdoor frame. This one seems to be the best for multi-purpose use and it’s satisfactory for most individuals and living environments. The frame structure has a total weight of 37 pounds when put together, which is less than many other portable units.

For informational purposes, this product is model KT1.1518. People who are six feet or taller are recommended to go with the larger KT frame, which also comes with a hammock.

Here’s a nice bonus: The horizontal bar is sturdy enough to be used as a pushup or pull-up bar. It’s definitely cool that you can utilize this trapeze stand for non-yoga workouts as well!

Setting Up a Portable Aerial Rig

Assembling a portable aerial rig is not really too complicated. Her first thing that you are going to need is going to be a partner. Setting one up without help is hard. A second person can help you lift the A-frame so that your can get the legs extended.

Setting one of these up is easier than finding studs in your ceiling and drilling them out. Although, portable aerial rigs are a lot more expensive than a couple of ceiling hooks.

Aerial Rig Alternative: Trees

Aerial Yoga no Rig

While we certainly would encourage you to get an aerial rig for outside if you really want one, you can go to the park and find a good low hanging tree. Or, maybe you’re lucky enough to have one around your house?


As you can see, freestanding aerial rigs are not cheap. But, they can be worth their weight in gold if you really need one. Here are some great aerial yoga poses for you to try on your swing when you get it.

If you feel shorted by how short this article is, check out our super long article that tells you everything you’d ever want to know about aerial yoga. This includes how to do it, hammocks, trapezes, clubs, setting up indoors, and more.