Do’s and Don’ts for Yoga Beginners

All of us have been the new girl or the new guy in yoga class. We’ve experienced the uncertainty of being insecure about our poses, our clothing, our bodies, our practice. Eventually we find our way, but it helps to have some understanding of the unspoken etiquette of yoga studios. Consider this a list of yoga beginner tips.

yoga beginner tips

Here’s our collection of some of the do’s and don’ts for beginners and those new to the yoga studio experience.

Yoga Beginner Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts

1. Do drink lots of water all day.

Stay hydrated so you don’t end up with a dry mouth during class. And don’t forget to bring a water bottle to the session, especially if you’re participating in hot yoga. Drinking lots of water is something everyone should be doing everyday anyway for basic health reasons, right?

2. Don’t eat a large meal before going to the studio.

Filling your stomach and then trying to do poses like downward facing dog, reverse warrior, and tree pose is a recipe for disaster. I admit that I’ve almost gotten sick more than once during practice by gorging an hour or two before class. If you’re hungry before class, stick to lighter foods like yogurt, nuts, and fruit.

3. Don’t show up late.

Yoga is about more than physical poses; it’s about getting your head into the proper mindset and letting go of distractions. That’s hard to do when people show up after class has already begun, or if they get up and leave before it’s over.

If a situation is out of your control and you do arrive late or you have to depart early, sit by the door to disrupt as few people as possible.

yoga class beginner

4. Don’t sit in the same spot every time.

Some studios may have prime seats near a window or next to the instructor, but it’s kinda selfish to take these spots every time. Be a good neighbor and move to different parts of the room to get different experiences. You’re also more likely to meet different people this way.

5. Do arrive early.

Arrive early to get settled in your space, relax, and mentally transition from the regular world to the yoga space. Rushing around to try to make it in the nick of time is not the way to get relaxed!

6. Do leave your phone in your locker.

Once again, it’s about avoiding distractions. Keep the phone in your locker or in the car. You can afford to disconnect from the world for an hour, no matter how busy you are. Bringing a phone to class can only result in bad things happening, like forgetting to silence the phone and having it go off during the middle of a dead quiet stretch.

7. Don’t refuse help.

Don’t get offended when the teacher assists you. This applies to newbies and experienced yogis. Even if you’re doing the poses correctly, instructors can show you how to get deeper into the stretch for a more fulfilling workout.

Got a beginner yoga tip of your own? Leave a comment and let us know! And don’t forget to check out our list of the best beginner yoga videos!

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