Manduka Black Mat Pro Review

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Overall Impressions of the Manduka Black Mat Pro

Manduka is considered one of the most reputable names in yoga products, and the company’s Black Mat Pro consistently earns some of the highest reviews of any yoga mat – and with good reason. The mat is now known as the Manduka PRO yoga mat.

This mat is noteworthy for its comfort level and durability. It’s been on the market for more than 15 years already, is marketed as a “zero-waste, sustainable yoga mat” (although it’s made of non-biodegradable PVC) and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Manduka Black Mat Pro review

The Mat Pro provides great traction and slip resistance, especially after it’s been broken in a little. It was specifically designed to prevent moisture from seeping into the mat, making it a good choice for practitioners of power yoga and other styles that can result in regular sweating. If you’re into hot yoga, though, you’ll probably be sweating buckets and will need to place a towel on the mat.

Weighty issues

The only minor drawback with the Manduka Black Mat Pro is its weight. The 71-inch version weighs in at 7 pounds, while the longer 85-inch mat is a full 9 pounds. That’s a lot heavier than other mats. The flipside of that added weight and 6mm thickness, of course, is additional comfort. Fortunately, the extra cushioning is sturdy rather than squishy. That comfort level in most cases more than makes up for the slight inconvenience of the extra weight.

If mat weight isn’t important to you – and it shouldn’t be, unless you walk or bike to the yoga studio as opposed to driving, or you travel a lot and take your yoga mat on trips – then the Black Mat Pro is a great choice. (For those who need a lighter mat, Manduka also manufactures the PROlite, which is essentially the same product but thinner and weighing only 4 pounds.)

It’s worth the higher price tag

You may have to splurge a bit to purchase this mat, as it will set you back quite a bit of money. That may sound little risky, especially for a beginner. But there’s a reason the Manduka Black Mat Pro has been around for such a long time. Because the mat lasts so long and provides superior slip resistance, very few people end up regretting their purchase, making it a solid option for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners.

The saying “You get what you pay for” definitely applies here. Besides, it’s still cheaper than one of those wacky football leather yoga mats! This is a mat that will last for a very long time, so we eagerly recommend this product as one of the better yoga mats around.


Pros: High marks in nearly every category. Very durable, comfortable, and slip-resistant; extremely popular mat, comes with lifetime guarantee
Cons: Heavier than some other yoga mats; 71-inch mat weighs 7 pounds, while 85-inch mat weighs 9 pounds

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