Aerial Yoga: The best yoga swings and yoga trapeze hammocks for home use

best yoga swing anti gravity

Aerial yoga, or anti-gravity yoga, is a relatively new form of yoga that involves a metal frame or rig on the ceiling supporting a hammock. Practitioners can use the hammock like a trapeze or swing, gently bending forward or backwards, or engaging in more advanced yoga postures.

Some studios offer aerial yoga, but you can do aerial yoga at home if you’re motivated and have the right gear. The best yoga swing and trapeze tools are fairly easy to purchase and set up.

Where can you buy aerial yoga equipment? Yoga shops and sporting goods stores may have one or two swings available, but Amazon is the best place to find the biggest variety of options. Read on for our top recommendations.

What is aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is said to help open the hips and relieve back pain or tightness. Of course, it can also serve simply as a way to provide some variety to your yoga practice and to help you expand your horizons by trying out some basic trapeze moves.

This introductory video from Maha Pura has some great examples of poses that can be performed with an anti-gravity yoga setup:

“Anti-gravity” is just a fancy way of saying aerial. It means that you’re doing yoga moves off the ground. The equipment goes by many different names – you’ll hear terms like hanging ropes, anti gravity yoga hammocks, inversion tools, gravity swing inversion tools, and trapeze pull up bars. Generally, these terms are all referring to different pieces that work together as part of an aerial rig. Don’t be confused by the term “silk” – that’s just another word for a yoga hammock, regardless of whether it’s really made from silk (most are not.)

Most people do aerial yoga in a large room or door frame. You could even do it in a garage or outdoors in the yard by hanging it from a tree. If you’re curious about giving anti-gravity yoga a try in your house, these are the some of the products you might need.

The Best Yoga Swing: Yogabody Naturals Trapeze Swing / Inversion Tool

Right now the king of the aerial yoga marketplace, in terms of name recognition and history, is the company known as Yogabody Naturals. Their trapeze device has been around since 2013 and is currently the best-selling item of its kind. According to the company, the trapeze is 240 cm x 125 cm, which is approximately 8 x 4 feet.

The parachute and rope material are sturdy, so they will give you plenty of support for poses like Banana Man and Trapeze Pigeon once you find the right door frame or rafter to attach it to. It comes in a convenient pouch, so it won’t take up much space, and you can easily bag it up and place it somewhere out of sight between sessions.

Yogabody Naturals offers the item in two different colors, which for some reason aren’t linked together on the same page on Amazon. The one linked above is the purple design. They also make an orange inversion tool.

We can’t come up with many flaws for the Yogabody Naturals device, aside perhaps from price. This is the most expensive of the anti-gravity yoga swings available for sale. But you don’t want to pinch pennies when it comes to a device like this that requires stability and quality construction. Read our full review of the Yogabody Trapeze Swing.

Other top-rated yoga trapeze hammock swings

Wellsem Pilates Yoga Swing Aerial Yoga Hammock

Wellsem’s 100% nylon hammock can hold up to 2000 pounds, far more than many of their competitors. That probably explains the Wellsem’s price tag, which is a bit higher than some others on this list. The silk is quite large at 5.5 yards by 3 yards, and it has a fair amount of stretch, unlike some other hammocks which are more rigid and inflexible. This product comes with the daisy chains and carabiners you’ll need to hang it.

Color is never the most critical factor when it comes to purchasing a yoga hammock. But it doesn’t hurt to have some fashionable options. Wellsem has by far the widest range of color options for its swings. You can choose from 12 different shades, including a royal gold, bright yellow, lime green, cherry pink, and silver.

The Wellsem is well-made and matches the quality of the hammocks you might find in a yoga studio. The only complaint buyers have is that the instructions aren’t the greatest, so you may have to do some Google and YouTube research to get it properly set up.

AGPtEK Aerial Yoga Hammock Inversion Trapeze

Available in blue, black, and pink, AGPtEK’s anti-gravity inversion hammock is made from polyester taffeta and measures roughly 7 feet x 5 feet, making it smaller than the Wellsem. The load capacity is 300 kg (661 pounds), which is less than the Wellsem. But that’s still plenty sturdy to support the weight of anybody who practices yoga.

As of this writing, the cost for the AGPtEK is less than many other brands, so it’s a good choice for the budget-conscious, although it does not come with ceiling mounts. The hammock can be compacted into a small pouch, making it easy to travel with.

Gravotonics Yoga Inversion Sling

The Gravotonics inversion sling is lightweight, strong, and comes with hanging instructions. It’s not necessarily superior to any of the others, but it gets the job done. Price-wise, it’s in the same general ballpark as the Wellsem, so generally speaking we’d recommend going with the Wellsem.

However, if you are suffering from back problems, this one might be a good choice for you because of the DVD included with purchase. The video is not specifically related to the Gravotonics product – instead, it provides basic information about how to treat back pain with aerial yoga.

Additional recommended aerial yoga products

Yogabody Naturals Trapeze Tutorial DVD

If you’re going to invest in trapeze or inversion swing equipment, you certainly want to make sure to use the devices properly. That’s where this tutorial DVD comes in. It provides instruction for suggested poses for both beginner and intermediate levels. Jackknife, Ferris Wheel, and Hangman are among the 14 poses covered on the video.

Yogabody Naturals Trapeze Door Frame Bar

For those who don’t have rafters or beams from which to hang your aerial yoga equipment, you’ll want to either consider ceiling mounts or a trapeze door frame like this one from Yogabody Naturals. It fits door frames from 24 to 36 inches wide.

If you use a door frame bar, you’ll be restricted a bit in terms of which postures you can do, since you won’t be able to spin all the way around with your limbs outstretched. But you will at least be able to do backbends and some of the other maneuvers designed to stretch your muscles and strengthen your back. The bar also works for pull-ups and chin-ups, so it’s a dual purpose workout accessory.

Ikea Suspension Ceiling Hooks

If you choose to hang your trapeze swing from the ceiling rather than over a rafter or doorway, you will want to look into ceiling hooks such as these ones from Ikea. They are made from steel and are super affordable.

Just be sure to read all instructions that come with your aerial yoga equipment, because you want to make sure that is installed safely and securely.

Safety concerns with yoga trapeze inversion tools

aerial yoga hammock trapeze

It should go without saying that anyone who tackles aerial yoga needs to be cognizant of their safety. The last thing you need is to be hanging from a swing suspended from the ceiling performing inversion poses and suddenly fall on your noggin.

Most yoga swings come with a manual and safety instructions, so after purchasing be sure to read through it completely to learn how to hang an anti-gravity rig properly. You should have beams that are at least 4 x 4 thick. Additionally, be sure to purchase quality aerial yoga equipment that is well-made, reliable, and has strong reviews.

All of the items listed here meet that criteria. We have avoided listing any shoddy, cheap products that are of questionable quality. You may have to spend a bit more for the good stuff, but your safety and peace of mind shouldn’t have a price tag!

anti gravity yoga inversion sling

Disclaimer: Those wishing to participate in aerial yoga should read and follow all safety instructions for setting up their equipment, or consider hiring a contractor or engineer to set up the rig for you. Yogauthority is not responsible for injuries that may occur during or after setup of a home aerial yoga system.

Other brands such as Seasofyoga, Wing Yoga, CO-Z, and UpCircleSeven also offer anti-gravity swings, so shop around for the one that best meets your needs in terms of durability, price, color, and comfort.

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