The 23 Best Yoga Podcasts To Take Your Practice To The Next Level

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Charge your phone and download some of the best yoga podcasts to improve your practice!

If spending a couple hours at the yoga studio each week isn’t enough and you need more yoga in your life, listening to the best yoga podcasts can be a great way to accomplish that goal!

Yoga podcasts range from instructional programs that discuss techniques and poses, to philosophy podcasts that touch on mindfulness and self-improvement, to teacher podcasts that offer advice for aspiring yoga instructors. Whatever type of yoga podcast you’re seeking, chances are you can find it somewhere.

Listening to podcasts is an ideal way to stay connected with the larger yoga community. Some of us get stuck in our bubbles, going to the same classes in the same studio with the same people, so there aren’t opportunities to hear outside perspectives in our daily lives. Other folks may live in rural locations where connecting with like-minded folks is difficult. Either way, find a few podcasts you like and start subscribing!

Most of these free yoga podcasts are available on all the usual outlets – Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc. Some are easily downloadable from the individual websites. All are informative and entertaining!

Here’s our guide to the 23 best yoga podcasts out there right now. We’ve broken it down into sections: Yoga Philosophy Podcasts, Yoga Podcasts for Improving Your Practice, Podcasts for Yoga Teachers.

Yoga Philosophy and Meditation Podcasts

1. J Brown Yoga Talks

j brown yoga talks

The J Brown Yoga Talks podcast is one of the most interesting yoga podcasts in terms of in-depth discussion. He doesn’t shy away from controversial subjects and his conversations on the weekly podcast often last around 2 hours.

His interview subjects range from yoga studio owners to instructors to prominent authors to listeners who’ve reached out to tell their stories. The most recent 52 podcasts are always free, while earlier episodes are part of the premium content that requires a subscription. There’s an archive of more than five years’ worth of content.

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2. Meditation in the City Podcast

meditation in the city - best yoga podcasts

The New York Shambhala Center created one of the most intriguing yoga podcasts, Meditation in the City. The title alone is awesome, because everybody who lives in a big city struggles with how to consistently find inner peace and quiet reflection in such a bustling environment. This podcast is tailor-made for those folks.

Episode titles include “Vulnerability is the New Punk Rock,” “Changing the World Without Being a Jerk,” and “Keeping Your Cool When You’re Stressed Out.” Although the branding and presentation of this podcast are youthful and vibrant, the actual verbal delivery is slow and methodical, immediately putting you in a relaxed mindset when you click play.

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3. Michael Stone Teaching Podcast

michael stone teaching podcast

Michael Stone was a renowned figure in the world of yoga theory and instruction until his death in 2017. His six-year archive of podcast discussions is a wealth of invaluable information that will continue to inform and enlighten for years to come.

In addition to yoga-centered podcasts, Stone discussed topics important to mental health, such as loneliness, patience, relationship issues, attentiveness, healing, and wisdom. The archive includes episodes of his “Awake in the World” podcast, plus various speeches and talks he’s given over the years, some dating back 15 years or more.

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4. Daily Meditation Podcast

daily meditation podcast

The Daily Meditation podcast from Mary Meckley has been around for quite awhile, building up a collection of more than 2000 episodes over the years. The episodes are short, often in the 7-10 minute range. That’s really all you need for a basic meditation each day.

This is a great one to subscribe to if you’re looking for a simple mind-cleansing exercise each morning when you wake up. If you’re not up for a daily commitment, just scroll through old episodes whenever the mood strikes. This podcast is all about self-improvement and enlightenment.

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5. OneMind Meditation Podcast

onemind podcast

Many of the best meditation podcasts aren’t yoga-related, but are still quite valuable for the wisdom they provide. The OneMind Meditation Podcast is a good example. Host Morgan Dix has thousands of hours of yoga and meditation experience and invites accomplished guests to share their wisdom as well.

OneMind aims to bring the benefits of meditation into your daily life. Episodes include “The Path to Enlightened Prosperity,” “Transforming Through Marathons, Meditation, and Solo Retreats,” and “The 5 Steps to Mindful Grieving.” Other topics include love, stress relief, and interpersonal relationships.

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6. The I Should Be Meditating Podcast

i should be meditating podcast

Here’s another podcast that hasn’t been updated in a long time, but the archive is content is worth diving into. Just as it sounds, I Should Be Meditating is a good podcast for yoga beginners and newcomers to meditation who want guidance and encouragement.

Learn how to be present, appreciate your breath, and understand self-inquiry. There are long pauses in the audio to allow listeners the time and space to fully engage in the meditative practice. The episode “How to Get to the Next Level in Meditation” is a good one for folks who have been doing meditation for some time already.

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7. Fitlandia

fitlandia podcast

The Fitlandia podcast doesn’t fit neatly into any of our categories, and that’s fine. It’s a program that deals with all things fitness, including episodes on pilates, zumba, yoga, strength training, and more. There’s an insightful episode on at home aerial yoga, which is one of the coolest trends in yoga these days, and another on goat yoga, one of the more interesting weird yoga styles.

Several episodes also deal with diet, which is an often-overlooked topic on yoga podcasts. Various programs cover the keto diet, eliminating grains, sugar addiction, and cutting back on alcohol.

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The Best Yoga Podcasts for Improving Your Practice

8. The Mindful Strength Podcast

mindful strength podcast

Combining mindfulness and strength training doesn’t sound like the easiest task in the world, but Kathryn Bruni-Young does just that on the Mindful Strength podcast. Even if you’ve never done anything with weights before, the podcast can provide a blueprint for getting started.

Learn about strength, breathing, alignment, dynamic movement, spirituality, anatomy, and body positivity in various episodes of the podcast. Individual episodes focus on the spine, shoulders, feet, and other specific parts of the body, while others deal with meditation. Pain education and biomechanics are central elements of the instruction.

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9. Yogaland Podcast

yogaland podcast

The Yogaland Podcast describes itself as “a dose of weekly inspiration that focuses on creating a happy, healthy, meaningful life.” This inspiration comes in many forms. Sometimes, it’s specific pose instruction, such as the recent episodes “Sequencing for Twists and Backbends” and “Our Favorites Poses Right Now.”

Other times, the subject matter covers cultural and societal issues, such as the episode “I’m a Black Yoga Teacher in Appalachia.” And then there are the episodes that delve more into philosophy, like “Change is the Only Certainty in Yoga.”

Yogaland is regarded as one of the best yoga podcasts around today. Whatever type of content you’re seeking, chances are Yogaland has you covered.

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10. Yoga Journal: The Practice

yoga journal practice

Yoga Journal currently offers three different podcasts. The Practice is one that, obviously, focuses on the actual practice of yoga. Many of the 19 episodes deal with meditation and breath. A few are based around Yin Yoga, and others discuss the importance of chakras.

These podcasts are short. Some are just a couple minutes long, while the longest ones top out around 20 minutes. They are spiritual in nature and designed for those who are into the theoretical side of yoga. The clips are good for clearing your mind and centering yourself. I find them to be a good warm-up to get into the proper state of mind before performing a full yoga practice.

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11. Yoga Physics Radio

yoga physics radio

Yoga Physics Radio isn’t being updated anymore, and there are only 18 episodes. But they are really strong when it comes to going through specific poses to help you improve your practice. Many of the episodes are essentially audio versions of full yoga practices that you can work through as you listen.

This is really practical stuff. Just look at some of the episode titles: A New Take on Balance, A Better Way to Chaturanga, Hip & Trunk Stability, What’s a Backbend All About, and Handstand One Day But Today Drills. For some of these audio clips, it will be useful to have props such as bolsters, straps, foam blocks, and yoga blankets.

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12. The Asana Academy

asana academy podcast

If you’re looking for specific pose instruction like “3 Ways to Kill a Press Handstand” and “How to Open Your Hamstrings,” then the Asana Academy podcasts are for you. Most episodes tackle a distinct yoga issue related to strength or positioning with instructor Brian Aganad.

Various sessions of the podcast also deal with flexibility, back pain, hip flexors, and simple sequencing. There are numerous discussions about handstands and headstands, including the episode “3 Handstand Rookie Mistakes Students Make,” which makes this one of the best yoga podcasts for beginners.

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13. Yoga Hacks Podcast

yoga hacks podcast

Another of the best yoga podcasts around is Yoga Hacks from Brett Larkin. This is a fun program that provides advice for how to hack your life to incorporate more yoga into it. For instance, the episode “Daily Yoga With a Newborn” gives great tips for finding time for yoga while navigating the world of parenthood.

The episode “How to Get Your Friends and Family Into Yoga” is a fun topic that few other podcasts have bothered to cover. Other noteworthy titles include “Can Kundalini Yoga Make You Crazy,” “How to Do Yoga When Injured,” “Pros and Cons of Yoga in a Heated Room,” and “How to Know When You’re Ready for Teacher Training.”

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14. Yoga With Adam

yoga with adam podcast

For yoga audio classes that walk you through various poses, try Yoga With Adam. Each episode picks a specific goal or pose to study in depth. One recent episode tackled shoulder strength and mobility, while another focused on arm balances. There’s an entire episode on Pigeon Pose, and others on leg power and hip opening.

The cool thing about these audio classes is that you can filter by level and type. So you can easily find the podcasts for yoga beginners and those for advanced yogis. You can also sort whether the session is a live class, meditation, tutorial, or home practice.

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15. Power Yoga With Dave Farmar

power yoga podcast

Seeking a power yoga podcast? Dave Farmar’s podcast consisted of only 16 episodes, all recorded years ago. But they are valuable for power yoga practitioners. Each session is 60 to 90 minutes and includes an entire class recorded at various yoga studios around the country.

Dave has been teaching for close to 15 years, leading workshops and classes for students and teachers. Power Yoga is a whole different thing than your typical yoga class at a local studio, so be sure you’re prepared for the extra intensity and strength component before diving in to these podcasts.

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16. Vinyasa Yoga With Nathan Johnson

vinyasa yoga podcast

Here’s another podcast created from the audio of live yoga classes. Just press play, and you can join in as part of the group, whether you’re in your home, a hotel, a local park, or anywhere else.

Most episodes go through an entire class of Vinyasa or Hatha basics, though some focus on a specific pose, such as the “Backbend Prep” episode. In some classes, instructor Nathan Johnson groups poses together that focus on one area of the body, like “Heart Openers,” “Twisting From the Core,” and “Spine Alignment.”

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Top Podcasts For Yoga Teachers

17. Love Teaching Yoga Podcast

love teaching yoga podcast

This one says it all in the title. If you love teaching yoga and want to create the yoga teaching career of your dreams, the Love Teaching Yoga Podcast is for you.

This podcast covers a wide range of topics that may be of interest for yoga teachers. Subjects include the basics of instructing, teaching yoga while traveling, creating online courses, teaching yoga at retreats and festivals, financial and income tax advice, and anatomy refreshers.

Episode 49 is especially useful if you’re an instructor who ends up teaching mixed-level classes that contain both beginners and advanced yogis together.

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18. The Connected Yoga Teacher

connected yoga teacher

The Connected Yoga Teacher is one of the more prolific podcasts on our list, with around 200 episodes so far (and counting.) There’s so much great information in the archives you can dig into as you embark on your teaching journey.

They really do cover everything, including specific ways to teach yoga to children, attracting new clients, choosing your niche, getting insurance, and making business plans.

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19. Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

yoga teacher resource

Don’t skip by this one just because it has a generic name. The Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast is actually one of the best outlets for instructors. Experienced instructor Mado Hesselink presents useful advice and interviews that can benefit all teachers. One such recent topic: How to balance being real vs. being positive.

I like this podcast because it also takes deep dives into very specific instruction techniques. For instance, episode 94 spends 15 minutes discussing why students struggle to step forward from down dog into a lunge position. Browse through the archive to find the areas of interest that will be most helpful to you.

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20. Marketing Yoga with Confidence Podcast

marketing yoga with confidence - free yoga podcast

Any self-employed yoga instructor needs to figure out how to market herself in order to be able to make a living. Amanda McKinney has an interesting podcast which focuses specifically on the marketing side of yoga teaching.

Learn tips for branding yourself, setting up an awesome website, creating a marketing plan, conquering social media, and obtaining testimonials. You’ll hear interviews with folks who have successfully expanded their businesses and are willing to share their best practices.

These podcasts often promote her marketing business course, but you can get some great info from the podcasts even if you’re not yet ready to invest in a course.

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21. Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast

mbom podcast

Mastering the Business of Yoga tackles the subject of how to run at-home or online yoga businesses. Amanda Kingsmith started the podcast back in February 2016 as a way to advise yoga instructors on how to become true entrepreneurs.

Her podcasts are great because they’re quite long, averaging more than an hour each. So you’ll get a ton of good stuff from each episode. Money, theory, marketing, legal concerns, retreats, and mindfulness are some of the many topics that MBOM has covered over the years.

The only inconvenience is that the episodes aren’t numbered, nor does each episode have its own URL, so it can be difficult to track which ones you’ve listened to.

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22. Abundant Yoga Teacher

abundant yoga teacher

Amy McDonald describes her Abundant Yoga Teacher podcast as “A weekly conversation for Yoga teachers and holistic practitioners who are looking to create abundant business… without feeling fake, pushy or ‘salesy’.” That outlook has helped her gain a large following.

Episode topics range from more broad questions, like “What Are You Actually Teaching?” and “How Do I Know For Sure What My Purpose Is?,” to nuts-and-bolts yoga business advice such as “How to Teach Yoga 1:1 Online,” “Yes, Your Yoga Business Needs a Lawyer,” and “Managing Your Online Energy for the Longer Term.”

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23. The Blissful Biz

blissful biz

Aspiring yoga instructors can’t go wrong with Susanne Rieker’s The Blissful Biz. She devotes a great deal of attention to the ins and outs of online yoga courses, plus just about every other aspect of making money as a yoga teacher.

The episode “Braving Anxiety as an Entrepreneur” is a good one for beginners who are battling uncertainty. “YouTube for Yoga Teachers” is another must-listen for folks who want to create videos to build up an online following.

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Surely some of these podcasts will aid you as you continue your yoga journey. Try out a few to discover the best yoga podcasts for your purposes!