Yoga Gift Ideas: The Ultimate 2020 Guide to Gifts for Friends and Yoga Teachers

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yoga gift ideas figurines

Ready for some yoga gift ideas? It’s that time of year again to buy gifts for yoga teachers at your studio. Or to find a holiday gift for the friends and family in your life who love yoga. Or to treat yourself to some new yoga gear to renew your own motivation!

The best yoga gifts include not only practical equipment like yoga towels and leggings, and obvious gifts like figurines and books, but also unique gifts such as yoga-themed board games, wine glasses, and cookie cutters. You can pretty much find any product you want with a yoga theme these days!

With that in mind, we’ve compiled an extensive list of yoga gift ideas for birthdays or the Christmas holiday. This article is broken down into four sections: Gifts for Yoga Instructors, Unique and Fun Gift Ideas for Anyone, Yoga Clothing Ideas, and Yoga Equipment Ideas.

Here are a few of our favorite yoga gift suggestions for 2020 and 2021, with each item linked to its listing on Amazon.

Instructor Gift Ideas: Best Gifts for Yoga Teachers

Many students like to present holiday gifts to their instructors, but people tend to think alike, so instructors often get the same sorts of gifts over and over (water bottles, journals.) That’s why we like to think a little outside the box.

Note that while many of these gifts are yoga-themed in some way, there’s no rule that says you have to give your teacher something related to yoga. In fact, some teachers may appreciate something that isn’t yoga-themed, since they already have enough yoga in their daily lives. So use your best judgment.

Here’s a list of gifts that your yoga teachers may enjoy!

Yinuo Scented Candle Set

yinuo scented candle set

If you know that your instructor likes candles, this package is an affordable and considerate gift. The Yinuo Scented Candle Set is the top-selling candle set on Amazon, thanks to its fruit scents (lemon, lavender, fig) and colorful paisley and swirl designs.

Witty Yoga Coffee Mug

yoga coffee mug

You can find a ton of yoga coffee mugs on Amazon, so browse around until you find one with a motivational quote or artistic design that you enjoy. Avoid some of the corny and cliche phrases – many yoga teachers would feel silly sipping coffee every morning from a “best yoga teacher ever” mug, for instance. We like this “Let That Sh– Go” mug because it’s colorful and witty. And we can all use a daily reminder to let the small things go!

Mara Handcrafted Stone Yoga Mug

mara stoneware mug

Here’s a second coffee mug option. This one is more elegant. The beautiful mug is etched and glazed by hand by a family business. It’s a bit more expensive, but its quality will definitely let someone know that you appreciate them.

Loomiloo Makeup Bag

cosmetic makeup bag

A Loomiloo travel bag for makeup and toiletries is a great practical gift for a female yoga instructor. This “Yoga Pug” design is cute, although¬† some of the non-yoga designs are even cuter. Loomiloo makes more than three dozen designs to choose from, most of which feature adorable animal cartoons.

The Yoga Kitchen Book

yoga kitchen book

If your teacher is a foodie and/or vegetarian, The Yoga Kitchen book would be a pretty awesome additional to their library. It’s loaded with more than 100 high-energy, meat-free recipes specifically designed for yogis to enhance mental clarity. For ease of use, the recipes are even divided into sections relating to various chakras.

Du Vino Novelty Wine Glasses

yoga wine glasses

Who couldn’t use more wine glasses? This Du Vino set of novelty glasses features a sloth performing four different poses while lounging in his tree. They’re dishwasher safe and shipped in a container with enough padding to keep them intact during delivery.

ZzWwR Reusable Grocery Bag

gifts for yoga teachers - grocery bag

A core belief of most yogis is to not be wasteful or harm the environment. Which makes a reusable grocery bag one of the best gifts for yoga teachers! ZzWwR makes several gorgeous print tote bags. This one is the Sloth Yoga, but there are also designs featuring the Eiffel Tower, butterflies, sunflowers, and flamingos.

Other Practical Gift Ideas for Yoga Instructors

Depending on your yoga teacher and the relationship you have with them, there are any number of other possible gift ideas. Hair ties or headbands for women are super-practical. A weekly or yearly planner is often very useful. A subscription to a yoga magazine such as Yoga Journal can also be a good idea. You could even gift some yoga-themed music or create a personalized playlist for an instructor.

Unique and Fun Yoga Gift Ideas for Anyone

Here are some ideas that are appropriate if you want to give something unique or odd to a friend or family member who loves yoga!

Magnetic Chakra Bookmarks

magnetic chakra yoga bookmarks

Here’s a set of 8 high-quality (and affordable!) magnetic bookmarks featuring the seven chakras. If you’ve never used magnetic bookmarks before, they’re awesome. They grip the pages of your book or journal so you can easily find your place, and you never have to worry about losing or misplacing them. A perfect gift for yogis who read!

Magnetic Poetry Kit

magnetic poetry kit - best yoga gifts

We’ve all seen those random word tiles that people put on their fridges. Here’s one that’s yoga-themed, so you can create messages or intentions that you’ll see every time you head to the kitchen. Some of the words included in the 200-word package: lotus, joy, karma, present, energy, mind, cleanse, and warrior.

Yoga Joes Toy Figures

green yoga joes figures

These Yoga Joes look just like those old green army men that many of us had as kids. They wear the same helmets and have the same distinct color. But when you look closer, you can see that they’re performing yoga poses! Sprinkle a few of these on your coffee tables, and see how long it takes guests to notice that the seargant is actually doing Warrior II. You can also find rainbow- and pink-colored Yoga Joes on Amazon.

Hot Sox Yoga Socks

best yoga gifts hot sox

If the yoga lover in your life enjoys silly socks, these Hot Sox are the perfect gift. Fitting women’s sizes 4-10, these socks feature a purple background with cartoon images of various poses. They’re fun socks for lounging around the house. (If you’d rather gift real yoga socks that you can wear while practicing yoga, we’ve got an entire article on the top yoga socks.)

Yummy Yogi Cutting Board

yogi cutting board

How cool is this artisan cutting and serving board from Yummy Yogi? It’s super stylish and great for serving snacks to guests. Amazon also sells other yoga-related kitchen gadgets, such as cookie cutters and dish towels. You can really turn your kitchen into a yoga center if you want!

Crystal Glass Fridge Magnets

tree of life magnets

Just about everyone can use more fridge magnets to hold up coupons, wedding invitations, and kid’s drawings. This set of 12 magnets costs less than $1 each and features beautiful Tree of Life designs. There are other design options as well, including Mandala, Flower, and a sleek minimalist black & white pattern called Circleline.

Yoga Dice Game

yoga dice game

Turn yoga into a game for the whole family with Yoga Dice. The 7 dice have different poses depicted on each face. Roll the dice, and then work the poses into a routine. It’s a way to add an element of chance to yoga and encourage you to move beyond your comfort zone to perform some poses that might not be a normal part of your practice.

Lotus Flower Novelty License Plate

lotus license plate

If you’re from one of the states that doesn’t require a front license plate, here’s your chance to display a lotus flower vanity plate! This attractive black plate is a standard-size license plate that you can display on your car on your wall at home.

Zumatico Yoga Coasters

fun unique yoga gift ideas

This set of coasters from Zumatico features four clever yoga sayings, like “I do yoga just to burn off the crazy.” They make a fun conversation piece, and they come with a wooden holder.

Little Yoga and Green Tea Essentials Gift Basket

yoga gift basket set
The little set combines the typical bath and body gift basket with a yoga twist, in the form of the book A Little Yoga and the Gaiam yoga video AM & PM. Other goodies in the tin include herbal green tea, bath salts, a bath mitt designed for exfoliation, and foaming bath fizzies. There aren’t many yoga-themed gift baskets on Amazon, so this one is worth considering if you’ve got the cash.

Best Yoga Gifts: Clothing, Figurines, and Books

Llamaste Tank Top

llamaste tank top

We love this “Llamaste” tank with the silly-looking meditating llama. It comes in five different women’s sizes, in gray and blue versions, and as a tank top and with sleeves.

90 Degree by Reflex Printed Yoga Pants

pants leggings

A lot of women’s yoga pants are pretty mundane, but we love the 90 Degree by Reflex leggings because of the wild and crazy designs they offer. Options include Planet Earth (a bright blue with cloud-like streaks of white), Illumination Pink (a psychedelic pink and black swirl), and Croquis (a black and white marble design.)

There are so many different designs that you can try to match the design to the personality of the person for whom you’re buying the gift. These are actually leggings rather than yoga pants (read about the differences between pants and leggings.)

Meditation Gifts: Yoga Figurines

yoga meditation gifts 2020 - praying figurine

Figurines are ideal meditation gifts for yogis who are serious about their practice and decorate their home to reflect that. They can also be good gifts for yoga teachers. This yoga pose figurine statue would look great on a shelf or a table. Amazon also has lots of yoga-themed cat and dog figurines, if you’re an animal lover.

Motivational Book: A Year of Living Your Yoga

living your yoga book

For more than a decade, Judith Hanson’s A Year of Living Your Yoga has been one of the most popular yoga books around. Dr. Hanson provides one daily piece of wisdom for each day of the year, plus one recommended practice to go along with it. A Year of Living Your Yoga makes a good Christmas gift, since a reader can start from page 1 and read through each day as the year goes on. The book is available in hardcover and Kindle editions.

Want more yoga book suggestions? We’ve got a lengthy article with all sorts of types of reading material. Check out our article 11 Essential Yoga Books That Every Yogi Should Read.

Mala Beads

mala beads

Use these 108 lotus seed beads as a necklace or bracelet. The beads are meant to promote spiritual awakening and can be used for meditation and prayer, or they can be worn or hung around the house for fashion purposes. These beads are porcelain and are considered to be unisex.

Yoga Gear & Accessories Gift Ideas

Premium Mexican Yoga Blanket

yoga blanket gift

We wrote a full article on Mexican yoga blankets, and this one from Benevolence LA is our top pick. Blankets serve many functions on the yoga mat. They can be folded up for additional support and stability. They can be used atop a mat, in the same way you’d use a towel. And, of course, they can double as a comfy couch blanket!

Luckaya Yoga Tote Bag

luckaya tote backpack

Here’s a tote bag that can carry a laptop, gym clothes, and a yoga mat all at once! The Luckaya Tote is a 16 x 14 x 7 pack with lots of pockets large enough to carry most anything, and you can slip a yoga mat right inside the outer strap. Its multi-purpose functionality makes it a much better bargain than a plain old yoga mat case.

Manduka Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

manduka mat renew

Keeping your yoga mat clean is a neverending endeavor. That means that a good mat cleaning spray is a good yoga gift idea. We like Manduka Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner, which comes in Lavender or Lemongrass scents. A quick spritz of the fluid on your mat after practice can keep your mat smelling fresh for the long haul.

GoFit Yoga Starter Kit

starter kit yoga gear

If there’s a yoga newbie in your life, or a special someone you’ve been trying to persuade to give yoga a try, perhaps you can give them the nudge they need with a yoga starter kit. This one from GoFit is very basic, with a starter mat, foam block, and yoga strap. The full package is reasonably priced, which makes it a small price to pay to potentially turn someone onto yoga for the rest of their life.

YogaRat Hand Towel

yogarat blue hand towel
YogaRat’s hand towels are some of the most affordable around, and they’re also the highest-rated. Affordability and quality often do not go together in the yoga world, so when they do, you want to jump on a product like that! Everybody can always use a new towel, so they make great gifts. If YogaRat’s microfiber design isn’t your thing, or you’d prefer to give a mat-length towel, take a look at our extensive yoga towel guide for more options.

Yoga Gift Ideas 2020: Summary

Consider also checking out some of the top trapeze stands. They’re fairly expensive, but allow practitioners to perform aerial yoga in their own home!

What did you think of our list of suggested gifts for yoga lovers? Do you have any other yoga gift ideas for our 2020 list? Leave a comment and let us know!