The Best Power Yoga Videos and DVDs for 2019

power yoga videos dvds

Who doesn’t want to burn a few pounds of fat while practicing yoga poses? “Power yoga” is a term used to describe intense vinyasa and ashtanga poses that typically build strength and work up a sweat. The best power yoga videos are ones that provide a challenging workout, hit a lot of different muscle groups, and can be modified for beginners and experts alike.

Choosing a Power Yoga Video

We’ve collected a group of the best power yoga video DVDs for 2019 according to user reviews and the authority and reputation of the instructor and the brand. Some of these are better for newbies, some are better for those with limited time to workout, some are better for those who prefer traditional yoga practices, and some are better for those who want to burn calories fast.

You can find power yoga videos in many different places. This post focuses on videos that are commercially available as DVDs on Amazon. Take a look at our suggestions!

Choosing the Best Power Yoga Videos and DVDs for You

Yoga Strong: Power Yoga For Weight Loss

One of the newest arrivals on the power yoga DVD market is from Yoga Strong. This one promises “total body transformation” and offers a complete conditioning program that targets both the upper and lower body.

The video includes three separate workouts between 20-40 minutes each. They aim to provide users with weight loss, mobility, lean muscles, and renewed energy. This isn’t traditional yoga instruction – it’s a more aggressive routine designed for athletes and those who are really serious about getting into better shape.

Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga Collection

One of the most well-known and popular power yoga series is Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga Collection. As the name implies, this is actually a three-video package consisting of “Yoga Burn,” “Power Yoga,” and “Yoga Conditioning for Athletes.” Essentially, it’s like purchasing a power yoga video and getting two other vids as a bonus.

Rodney Yee is a prominent yoga instructor who has appeared in more than 30 instructional videos over the years. The routines are ideal for beginner to intermediate yoga practitioners, as sequences are often repeated in an effort to achieve mastery. The Power Yoga Collection is presented by Gaiam, a huge name in the yoga mat and yoga block arenas.

Power Yoga For Every Body

This one’s more than a decade old, but it stands up as a solid workout, and it continues to earn good sales and good reviews. Power Yoga For Every Body contains a whopping six hours of content. The video is split into 20 separate routines so you can decide which one to tackle at any given time.

There are separate morning and evening routines. They include one for increased flexibility, one for relaxation, one for stress relief (don’t we all need that!), and one to build strength and balance. Barbara Benagh and Jason Gordon lead these “Slow Flow” vinyasa yoga routines. The DVD is thorough and comprehensive and works for all skill levels.

Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown

Jillian Michaels is much more of a personal athletic trainer than a trained yogi, so beware that her version of yoga is unlike anything you’d find in a typical yoga studio. She does not teach customary yoga styles, which means that traditionalists do not favor her approach.

That said, few people have as much experience creating calorie-burning workouts as Jillian. She’s put together some of the most intense exercise programs around, and Yoga Meltdown is another one. Unlike some of the popular power yoga videos that were released a decade or more ago, Yoga Meltdown was released a few years back, so it’s reasonably current.

The video’s tagline is, “Burn calories. Scorch fat. Energize your life.” The regimen consists of two 30-minute workouts which mix yoga poses with heavy cardio segments designed to quickly shed pounds. Part of the video even uses light hand weights to increase the burn.

If you’re seeking a traditional ashtanga yoga workout, skip this one. But if you want a powerful, sweat-inducing exercise, check it out.

The Hollywood Trainer – Power Yoga

Jeanette Jenkins, the Hollywood Trainer, released Power Yoga earlier this decade. Since then, it’s become known as one of the more intense, challenging power yoga DVDs around. The 84-minute routine is very intense. Jenkins holds poses for quite awhile and includes sequences of 50 bicycle crunches in one chapter.

The chapters include Warmup, Vinyasa Flows, Power Flows, Floor Work, and Final Relaxation. The Hollywood Trainer does offer modifications for beginners and advanced yogis, so everyone can benefit from the DVD.

As of this writing, Power Yoga is a bit more expensive than some of the other videos, but this video is nearly as intense as the infamous P90X yoga workout, so if you’re seeking a hardcore power yoga workout, consider this one.

The Firm: Power Yoga

If you’re a busy individual who doesn’t have time for a 2- or 3-hour daily yoga workout, The Firm’s Power Yoga video may be for you. It’s concise and packs a lot of punch into its 35-minute running time.

Instructor Kristen Strohecker leads participants through a full-body, low-impact workout with an emphasis on stretching and getting deep into the poses. Advanced yogis say this video isn’t super-challenging, so if you’re an expert, consider one of the other vids instead. This one is best for those who are new to yoga or want to really work on strength and flexibility.

Any of these videos would be great for yoga newbies or experienced practitioners who want to make this style of power yoga a part of their life into 2019 and beyond.

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