5 Great Yoga for Seniors DVD Choices

Are you a senior who’s looking to take up yoga? Perhaps you’re wondering what the best yoga for seniors dvd would be? Practicing yoga by watching a dvd has many benefits. You’ll be able to practice yoga in your home at a convenient time. This allows you to be more flexible than if you were to attend a class in person.

Yoga has many health benefits for seniors; it can help you to improve or maintain flexibility and joint health as you age. Practicing yoga can help you stretch your body and reduce back or shoulder pain. Yoga can have a very positive effect on your wellbeing and can help you calm your mind and feel happier and less stressed.

Yoga for Seniors DVD

Let’s look at the top five yoga for seniors dvds.

The Best Yoga for Seniors DVD’s

There are many great Yoga DVDs available from Amazon. These top five DVD’s have been designed specifically for seniors. If you’re looking for a yoga for seniors dvd, you may like to consider one of these great products.

Yoga Vitality – Chair Yoga For Seniors

Yoga Vitality Review

The yoga vitality DVD offers a unique anatomy-based yoga practice. This DVD combines working out with physical therapy. It is also very relaxing and will help you to unwind. This yoga DVD is perfect for seniors, and you’ll be guided through all the basics in a fun and safe way.

The Yoga Vitality program is designed to help you live a healthy life and maintain your health and wellbeing as you age. It provides gentle exercise that strengthens the body. Practicing yoga can help you prevent injury and improve fitness, allowing you to complete everyday tasks with ease. Yoga vitality can also help you get rid of any aches and pains. No previous yoga experience is needed to complete this program, and you can tailor the practice to meet your fitness levels, even using a chair where necessary.

Yoga for Seniors with Jane Adams

Yoga for Seniors with Jane Adams Review

This DVD, created especially for seniors by Jane Adams, has three yoga practices for people over 70. Level 1 can be done sitting in a chair and is very gentle and relaxing. The movements have been designed to help you improve strength, joint health, mobility, and posture.

Level 2 is a slightly longer workout that combines poses you can do sitting in a chair and those that can be done standing. This session helps to develop strength, flexibility, and balance. Level 3 is a longer practice that will help make you stronger.

The DVD aims to help seniors improve their health and wellbeing so they can live fuller lives and remain independent. In all three practices, you’ll be encouraged to practice deep breathing. You’ll also end with a short meditation.

Gentle Yoga: Yoga Practices for Mid-life age 40-70

Gentle Yoga for Midlife

Aimed at 40 to 70 years old, this DVD allows you to practice gentle yoga while viewing the Glacier National Park in the background. The yoga practice will help you to increase your strength and flexibility and improve your balance and posture.

There are three sequences that are all designed for a specific time of the day. The DVD includes a Morning Practice that will help you awaken and energize your body. There’s also a mid-day session which can help ease away aches and pains, and a Relaxing Evening Practice, which will allow you to unwind and aids in better sleep.

Stronger Seniors, Chair yoga

Stronger Seniors Chair Yoga Review

The Stronger Seniors Yoga DVD is beneficial for those who want to practice yoga while sitting in a chair. It’s designed to help seniors improve their strength, balance, flexibility, and mobility. The DVD is suitable for complete beginners and can help you to improve respiration and circulation. It’s also beneficial for the mind and can help reduce stress and tension.

The Stronger Seniors Yoga program incorporates simple exercises that can be done while focusing on the breath. There is no risk of injury as postures are fully explained, and you can follow along safely at home.

Yoga over 50 DVD

This excellent yoga fitness DVD can help the over 50’s to improve their strength, flexibility, and energy levels in just fifteen days. The program is straightforward to follow along with at home and is safe. It comprises eight routines which all build on each other. This DVD will allow you to maintain strength, balance, and flexibility as you age. The teacher is excellent and is very good at describing each pose. She also gives you ways to simplify the poses if you find them challenging.

Practicing at Home is a Great Idea

If you happen to have Amazon Prime, or Netflix, there are some great options on there as well.  But, none of them are as targeted towards seniors as these DVD’s are.  You may also benefit from picking up a thick yoga mat, particularly if you have bad knees.

Practicing yoga at home is a great way to improve your health and wellbeing and stay healthy well into old age. By choosing a yoga for seniors dvd, you’ll be taking the first step to greater relaxation, mobility, and strength!

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