4 Person Yoga Poses: Try These Fun Group Poses!

4 person yoga poses

So you want some 4 person yoga poses? Congrats on your willingness to think outside the box and seek out yoga adventures that the average person might think are silly or dangerous!

The truth is that there really aren’t a ton of established yoga poses for 4 people. But acro yoga (a combination of acrobatics and yoga) has a number of poses for two and three people. Many of these can be modified to include a fourth person!

We’ll do our best to share some pics and videos of yoga poses that could be adjusted to work with a group of four. And we’ll also share some suggestions for coming up with your own four-person poses.

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How Common Are 4 Person Yoga Poses?

Group yoga poses with 4 or more people aren’t common. In fact, there are very few pics online of groups of four doing yoga as one unit. Most of the best resources are actually “Yoga Challenge” Youtube videos in which a group of friends or family attempt several positions.

yoga poses for 4 people
Yoga poses for 4 people require great balance and strength.

We wanted to gather a group of four yogis, recreate some of these poses, and take our own pics. But sadly that’s not possible at the moment, given the social distancing realities of our current environment.

So instead we’ll embed the Youtube videos and include a few screenshots. Click the vids and give those content creators your views to see the process of getting a foursome into these positions!

Videos: Yoga Poses for 4 People

Here are some of the videos available online showing group yoga poses. Most of these clips are teens or young adults just having fun with the idea of trying out 4 person yoga poses. They are not acro yoga experts, and they’re not professional yogis. If they can do it, so can you!

The first video comes from a pair of twins who work together to form 4 person yoga poses. The youngsters are giggly and silly, but they actually produce some of the most expert-looking group poses we have seen, including an awesome-looking 4-person plank.

Next, here’s a clip showing another group of four. This group attempts and pulls off some more challenging acro yoga poses, including inversions. Make sure you trust your partners before trying these positions!

Here’s a fun video from a family of four, with two young children. Proof that anyone can do acro yoga poses!

Here’s another group of youngsters trying out some poses they found on the internet. You can see that they are beginners, yet they still manage to achieve some cool poses.

Finally, here’s one more group of women working out some 4 person yoga poses indoors.

Pinterest Suggestions: 4 Person Poses

Here are a few more amateur group foursome poses that have been posted to Pinterest. Proof that inspiration can come from anywhere!

Tips for Getting Started With Group Yoga Poses

Before beginning, take some time to stretch and loosen up your body. Basic physiology tells us that it’s difficult to find postures in which four human beings can balance each other. Just remember balance is the key. Each lean needs an opposite force of resistance.

Pulling off yoga poses for four people requires communication and self-awareness. If you’re getting tired, be sure to express that, and don’t push yourself beyond your limits. Similarly, don’t try poses that are too challenging for you. Sure, they make look cool, but it’s not worth injuring yourself.

The best way to warmup is to break into teams of two and working out some basic acro yoga poses. Once you’ve gotten into the routine of supporting a partner, you can begin bringing the full group of four together.

Finally, you may want to create your own poses by looking at some yoga poses for three people and figuring out a way to add in a fourth person.

For instance, here’s a pose we call Group Flying Plank Press. You can try achieving this pose first, with three active participants and a spotter. Then, you could add in a fourth person being held up by the heels by the person the ground (a traditional Foot to Hand position.)

acro yoga group poses

Or, take this basic Downward Dog & L-Shape Group Pose and add in a fourth person. The pose below is cool because you could actually add an unlimited number of people. Go for an 8-person yoga pose if you want!

group downward dog

Have fun working on your 4 person yoga poses. Just be careful! Watch for each other’s safety, and remember to focus on your balance and coordination. We can’t wait to see what kind of poses you and your foursome come up with!

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